Christmas Carol Collection 2015

Read by LibriVox Volunteers


This year's selection includes traditional favourites and lesser-known Christmas carols in English and French. (Summary by Ruth Golding) Ber…

Christmas Carol Collection 2017

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LibriVox volunteers bring you a festive selection of 22 Christmas carols for the 2017 holiday. This year's collection includes traditional f…

The Symphony Since Beethoven

Read by realisticspeakers

Felix Weingartner

This 1904 book by composer, conductor and pianist Felix Weingartner examines the development of the symphony as a musical form since one of …



The Army was the original source of the V-Disc records, with their first being issued in October of 1943.The Army's V-Disc project provided …

The World's Great Men of Music: Story-Lives of Master Musicians

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Harriette Brower

These stories are gathered from many sources including biographies, letters, journals and musical history. The life story of 25 of the most …

Mozart's Youth

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Franz Hoffmann

This short account of the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is part of the “Life Stories for Young People” series. It is written in an engaging …

The Art of Music - Volume 02: Classicism and Romanticism

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The National Society of Music and The National Society Of Music

Volume 2 in the "The Art of Music" series, published by the National Society of Music. This first volume covers the Classical and …

The Big Show 50 12 17 The Big Show 50 12 17 Bob Hope Phil Harris Martin & Lewis

Bob Hope tries to gets Tallulah to appear on his show. Meredith Wilson plays "The Thing." Louis Armstrong performs "Ain't Mis…

G I. Jive-Page 2


10 episodes of G.I. Jive

Join The Navy - Cmdr. Charles Brendler


Cmdr. Charles Brendler 1898-1965 Charles Brendler was born in 1898 and joined the Navy at the age of 15 in 1913. His enlistment began in two…

Bing Crosby Show 51 03 14 Guest Judy Garland

Bing sings "The St. Patrick's Day Parade." Judy Garland sings "When You're Smiling." Judy plays Bounce-Along Garland in …

Christmas Carol Collection 2016

Read by LibriVox Volunteers


LibriVox volunteers bring you a festive selection of Christmas carols for the 2016 holiday. his year's festive collection of 25 Christmas c…

He'll Do It Again

New Hope Trio

Pamela Chesney Stanifer singing with the New Hope Trio on this beautiful Gospel song, He'll Do It Again.

Sealtest Variety Theater 48 12 09 Guest Jack Benny

Dorothy Lamour hosts this musical variety show with this weeks guest Jack Benny.

Piano Tuning: A Simple and Accurate Method for Amateurs

Read by James R. Hedrick

Jerry Cree Fischer

This is a primer for anyone wishing to learn how to tune and maintain their own piano or to become a piano tuner. Written in 1907, it was ta…

The Hall Of Fame 1934 12 23 The Christmas Stocking Walt Disney And Friends

Walt Disney introduces his friends, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, The Three Little Pigs, and others, who perform their fav…

Lamb of God

Totally Mesmerized

Originally performed by Bukas Palad on their Light From Light album Soprano: Shiela Maghirang Tanciongco Alto: Diana Lynn Baysic & Tiffa…

Multilingual Christmas Carol Collection 2019

Read by LibriVox Volunteers


LibriVox volunteers bring you a festive selection of 21 Christmas carols for the 2019 holiday. This year's collection includes traditional f…

Big Show 51 04 01 Groucho Marx And Bob Hope

Tallulah Bankhead trades jokes with Bob Hope and joins him in song. Van Johnson performs in a war time play from the film, "Go For Brok…

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