The Shadow 45 04 08 Little Man Who Wasn't There


The city is plagued by a series of robberies, in front of witnesses, committed by a seemingly invisible man, which implicates the Shadow.

Hermits Cave - Plantation Mystery


1940 Broadcast of the Hermit's Cave titled "Plantation Mystery"

Crime On The Waterfront 490301 The Heiress Cruise


Originally aired March 1, 1949 Pilot show, which takes place in New York City and stars Lt. Lou Kagle played by Mike Wallace.

Nightcap Yarns 06 Eps


(06 Episodes) "Nightcap Yarns" was syndicated by the Radio Recorders Transcription Company. Not a real drama, the show has John Ne…

Easy Money


A 1954-55 Radio series starring Larry Haines as Private Detective Mike Trent who makes his living exposing frauds, with a particular emphasi…

Sherlock Holmes 48 11 14 The Ancient Queen

An ancient Egyptian mummy is discovered and transported to the British Museum. Holmes and Watson are called upon when members of the expedit…

The Shadow 1941 03 23 Death Prowls At Night

During a ski trip in the mountains, Lamont and Margo learn that their guide believes there are werewolves around in the mountains.  Lat…

Sherlock Holmes 46 01 21 Telltale Pigeon Feathers

Sherlock is unknowingly brought into a case by his brother Mycroft who gets word of a spy ring operating in London.


N I G H  T F  A  L  L program guide = pdf NIGHTFALL was a horror series heard over the Canadian Broadcasting  Corpo…

Walk Softly - Peter Troy


Old time radio detective show from South Africa.

The Shadow 38 08 14 The Hospital Murders

Patients are mysteriously disappearing from the hospital and Lamont is asked to help, so he uses Margo as bait for the person or persons res…

The Ringer By Edgar Wallace

The Ringer, a dangerous criminal believed to have died in Australia, turns up again in England, to the consternation of Scotl…

If They Ask for a Hand, Only Give Them a Finger

Read by Peter E. Abresch

Peter E. Abresch

When a public garage locked up Chance Dugan's car for the night, with his wallet locked inside the car, he met the lovely Natti Moon who off…

Sherlock Holmes 48 10 24 The Fabulous Windmill

Holmes and Watson travel to the Netherlands to investigate the disappearance of a dike inspector, and uncovers a criminal operation run by p…

Sherlock Holmes 49 01 17 The Adventure Of The Fabulous Celebrities

Holmes is called upon by Scotland Yard for his assistance in solving a series of murders of famous persons, and immediately finds his own li…

New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes 47 5 5 The Remarkable Affair Of The Pointless…

When Watson pays a visit to a retired Sherlock Holmes at his bee farm, Holmes learns that the local rectory has been broken into and ransack…

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