Published 1900 onward

Pierre & Jean

Read by Lee Smalley

Guy de Maupassant

This short novel’s titular characters are brothers. An old family friend dies, leaving without explanation his entire fortune to Jean, the y…

Peggy Raymond's School Days (or Old Girls And New)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Harriet Lummis Smith

Published in 1916, this third installment with The Friendly Terrace girls places them in The Girl’s High School, with an array of new charac…

Thy Soul Shall Bear Witness!

Read by Lars Rolander (1942-2016)

Selma Lagerlöf

“Thy Soul shall bear Witness” (Körkarlen) by the Swedish Nobel Laureate Selma Lagerlöf is a kind of spooky Novel. It was first pub…

Betty Baird

Read by Holly Jenson

Anna Hamlin Weikel

This is the first book in the Betty Baird Series of boarding school books, a genre which was popular among young girls in the early 1900s. O…

Sleeping Fires

Read by Sharon Kilmer

Gertrude Atherton

The story of a love so strong that neither the rigid rules of Society in California in the 1800s nor the very bowels of hell could keep a yo…

A Cathedral Courtship

Read by Ric F

Kate Douglas Wiggin

An romantic comedy. A pretty young American girls tours English Cathedrals, with her very blue-blooded Aunt. Then boy meets girl. Boy chases…

Three Lives

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Gertrude Stein

Three Lives tells the stories of three women from the same fictitious town of Bridgeport. The first story is of Anna, a servant to the wealt…

Die grüne Nachtigall und andere Novellen

Read by Friedrich

Mikhail Kuzmin

Die Sammlung dieser Novellen soll den Dichter Kusmin - der eigentlich Komponist war - dem Zuhörer bekannt machen. Kusmins Helden sind (…

The Friendly Terrace Quartette (or Peggy Raymond At The Poplars)

Read by Daryl Wor

Harriet Lummis Smith

The Friendly Terrace Quartette (or Peggy Raymond At The Poplars) published in 1920, finds Peggy and her friends preparing for The Great War.…

The Lucky Piece: A Story of the North Woods

Read by Roger Melin

Albert Bigelow Paine

While riding a stage back to the city late in the summer, a youngster had no money to spend, and so gives his lucky piece as payment to a yo…

The Mirror Of Kong Ho

Read by David Wales

Ernest Bramah

This 1905 tongue-in-cheek book is ostensibly the letters of a dutiful son to his Chinese father describing his encounter with and experience…

My Brilliant Career

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Miles Franklin

Sybella: "There is no plot in this story, because there has been none in my life or in any other life which has come under my notice. I…

Christmas Eve At Swamp's End

Read by David Wales

Norman Duncan

Four selected chapters from The Measure Of A Man; A Tale of the Big Woods, by Norman Duncan. What could be more Christmasy than: Babies, esp…

We of the Never-Never

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Jeannie Gunn

We of the Never Never is the second book written by Jeannie Gunn under the name of “Mrs Aeneas Gunn”. It is considered by many as a classic …

William, An Englishman

Read by Expatriate

Cicely Hamilton

William – an Englishman is a 1919 novel by Cicely Hamilton. The novel explores the effect of the First World War on a married couple during …

A Spinner in the Sun

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Myrtle Reed

Myrtle Reed may always be depended upon to write a story in which poetry, charm, tenderness and humor are combined into a clever and enterta…


Read by Margaret Espaillat

Gerhart Hauptmann

Frederick von Kammacher is a young doctor in Germany whose wife has gone insane, whose children are in a boarding school, and whose career h…

A Woman's War

Read by Lynne T

Warwick Deeping

The fictional small English country town of Roxton boasts two doctors. This tale focuses on the struggles of their wives: Katherine and the …

The Power of a Lie

Read by Lee Smalley

Johan Bojer

Norby is requested to guarantee a bank loan for Wangen and he obliges, signing the loan document in the presence of a witness. Some time lat…

The Dream Doctor

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Arthur B. Reeve

The Dream Doctor is a compilation of detective stories featuring Professor Craig Kennedy, a Sherlock-like character who uses his scientific …

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