State of the Union Addresses by United States Presidents (1790 - 1816)

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Thomas Jefferson

The State of the Union address is a speech presented by the President of the United States to a joint session of the United States Congress,…

Soup of Alphabets, Volume 002

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A second helping of Alphabet Books! This collection has a wide-ranging variety of short books, and not only for younger readers, but also fo…

Wayside and Woodland Trees: Pocket guide to the British Sylva

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Edward Step

"The purpose of this volume is not the addition of one more to the numerous treatises upon sylviculture or forestry, but to afford a st…

The Boys' and Girls' Pliny Vol. 3

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Pliny the Elder

The Natural History of Pliny the Elder is one of the largest single works to have survived from the Roman Empire. The full work consists of …

Oration by Frederick Douglass Delivered on the Occasion of the Unveiling of the…

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Frederick Douglass

This is the speech given by Fredrick Douglass at the unveiling of the Freedmen's Monument in Lincoln Park, Washington DC, April 14, 1876 alo…

Around the World with the Children

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Frank G. Carpenter

An introduction to world geography for young and old alike. Topics such as China, Japan, the American Indian, Europe and the oceans on a beg…

Stories That Words Tell Us

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Elizabeth O'Neill

A history of English words, written for younger readers. Parental advisory: the text was published in 1918 and includes some ethnicity term…

London Labour and the London Poor Volume III

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Henry Mayhew

Subtitled, "A Cyclopaedia of the condition and earnings of those that will work, those that cannot work, and those that will not work.&…

A Book of Whales

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Frank Evers Beddard

A Book of Whales is a natural history of whales for the layman. - Summary by A. Gramour

On The Trail: An Outdoor Book for Girls

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Lina Beard

Lina and Adelia Beard, co-founders of the first American girls' scouting group, originally called the Girl Scout Society, then the Girl Pion…

The Complete Confectioner

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Hannah Glasse

The original version of Hannah Glasse’s ‘The Complete Confectioner’ was first produced about 1760 but the publication referenced here is fro…

English and Cantonese Dictionary

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John Chalmers and Thomas Dealy

John Chalmers’ English and Cantonese Dictionary offers a valuable glimpse into the state of Cantonese that was spoken in Canton and in the c…

The Boys' and Girls' Pliny Vol. 4

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Pliny the Elder and John S. White

The Natural History of Pliny the Elder is one of the largest single works to have survived from the Roman Empire. The full work consists of …

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