Ballad of the Canal

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Phoebe Cary

LibriVox volunteers bring you 11 recordings of Ballad of the Canal by Phoebe Cary. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for September 4, …

The Cabinet Minister

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Arthur Wing Pinero

Mr. Pinero holds that farce should treat of probable people placed in possible circumstances, but regarded from a point of view which exagge…

The Follies of a Day; OR, The Marriage of Figaro (English)

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Pierre Beaumarchais

This is Thomas Holcroft's English translation, obtained by attending Pierre Beaumarchais' French play nine times in Paris during its origina…

Nicholas Nickleby: A Farce in 2 Acts

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Edward Stirling

This stage adaptation of Dickens’ novel debuted in November of 1838 at the Adelphi Theater in London. Only eight installments of the story …

George Dandin: or The Abashed Husband

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Henri Van Laun and Molière

"The treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle having been ratified ... and peace being assured ... Louis XIV resolved to give a festival in his favori…

Bob and Ray WOR 067 June 13 1973


Walking the plank  Capt turns nice Wednesday  June 13  1973

A Will and No Will or a Bone for the Lawyers

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Charles Macklin

This "Afterpiece" - a short play to follow a main production - was first produced in 1746. It was based on Regnard's five-act com…

Bob and Ray WOR 783 March 08, 1976


"Monday, March 08, 1976", 0:00 Opening the big banner show with Webley, sounding a little blue over his handiwork, playing the org…

Bill Nye and Boomerang; Or the Tale of a Meek-Eyed Mule, and Some Other Literar…

Read by DaleBarkley

Bill Nye

Humorist Bill Nye was the first editor of the daily paper in Laramie, Wyoming, and named it the Laramie Boomerang in honor of his mule. As …

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