Der Freimaurer

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August Von Kotzebue and August von Kotzebue

Ein Stück über die Neugierde um die geheimen Riten der Freimaurer und den Versuch diese, durch unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten…

Bob And Ray 48 10 13 Bob Is Out Sick

Ray has to do the show without Bob because Bob is out sick. Ray sings a love song. In case Bob is listening in on the show, Mary McGoon want…

Bob and Ray WOR 119 August 23, 1973


Mr and Mrs Broadway show, Weather map, Mary rips skirt, Kent stops by.    Thursday, 08/23/1973 Next Episode: https://archive.…

Bob and Ray WOR 134 September 13, 1973


Mary Backstage - Following Fox hunt, ordering breakfast. Thursday, September 13, 1973

Bob and Ray WOR 158 October 17, 1973


Drive to Count Yorkash’s castle. Meet the Count

Bob and Ray WOR 782 March 05, 1976


Friday, March 05, 1976 0:00  Opening the Friday show with Herman Leptoff's rebuttal to a Bob & Ray editorial on Bulgarian immigrant…

Bob and Ray WOR 784 March 09, 1976


Tuesday, March 09, 1976 Sightseeing tour of Milan 0:00 Roger Skibenes introduces the show, Bob gets a brief phone call about the invention o…

Bob and Ray WOR 794 March 23, 1976


Tuesday, March 23, 1976 At their hotel, the gang decide to find the American embassy. Next Episode:…

Bob and Ray WOR 795 March 24, 1976


Wednesday, March 24, 1976 The gang looks for American consulate. Next Episode: 0:00 - Roger Skibe…

Bob and Ray WOR 804 April 06, 1976


Tuesday, April 06, 1976 Performing La Traviatia. Harry as Germont and Calvin as Alfredo. 0:00 - Introducing the show, then world-famous Theo…

Bob and Ray WOR 807 April 09, 1976


Friday, April 09, 1976 The Finale of La Traviata and the curtain gets stuck. Next Episode: 0:00 O…

Bob and Ray WOR 205 and 206 December 24th and 25th 1973


From the Bob and Ray For The Truly Desperate collection. Christmas Eve and Christmas day on WOR NY radio, circa1973. Enjoy a cup of Coco and…

Bob and Ray CBS October 16 1959


CBS radio network show 15 minutes in length. From Box 376 Side 1Track 2

Bob and Ray WOR 068 June 14 1973


Captain Larsen sees Carmine in a boat Thursday  June 14  1973

Bob And Ray on Canadian Radio?


While being interviewed for a 1970 WBZ 50th anniversary show, Ray mentions their past 15 years of  doing a Canadian radio show. These s…

Bob And Ray November 20 1956


Another amazing find from the west coast! This file is the second of a group of digitized shows recently received here at The House of Toast…

Bob And Ray November 21 1956 Turkey Farm


Another of the amazing files from the west coast! This file is the third of a group of digitized shows received at The House of Toast. There…

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