Read by SweetHome

Margaret Warner Morley

Seed Babies piques the child's interest about how seeds grow. It provides interesting information about seeds in a conversational style bet…

A Brief History of Forestry

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Bernhard Eduard Fernow

An accessible, comprehensive summary of the science and art of forestry, from its ancient roots to its 20th century techniques (many of whic…

Stories of Starland

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Mary Proctor

Henry asks his sister Mary about the sky. She tells him all about the Sun, the Planets, the Moon, Comets and Meteors, and Stars. Mary tells …

A Text-book of Assaying

Read by Peter Yearsley

Cornelius Beringer and Cornelius Beringerandjohn Jacob Beringer

This is a formal but relaxed text covering assaying techniques for most of the substances which are mined. As the authors say: "At firs…

A Florida Sketch-Book

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Bradford Torrey

This is a series of late-19th Century essays about Florida's flora & fauna written by a Massachusetts-based naturalist. (Summary by Bell…

The Chemistry of Cookery

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

W. Mattieu Williams

This book, written in the late 1800s, is a book of chemistry that explains the whys and hows of cooking to trained chefs and laymen alike. T…

The Science - History of the Universe Vol. 7: Anthropology & Medicine

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Francis Rolt-Wheeler

Multi-volume work on science edited by Francis Rolt-Wheeler. The seventh volume is on Anthropology written by the editor himself and on Medi…

Little Wanderers

Read by SweetHome

Margaret Warner Morley

This book discusses a great variety of plants and their seeds in a simple, yet interesting way that children will enjoy. As the books says, …

“The Flu”: A Brief History of Influenza in U. S. America, Europe, Hawaii

Read by Grace Buchanan

A. Mouritz

PREFACE This Booklet has been written and compiled for the use of any student or layman who seeks concise and clear information on the histo…

An Elementary Study of Insects

Read by Jeffery

Leonard Haseman

An overview of notable insect groups intended for the young reader. Focus is on economically important insects. (Summary by Jeffery Smith)

Hereditary Genius

Read by Leon Harvey

Sir Francis Galton

A biographical summary of the pre-eminent men of Britain grouped by profession. The extensive survey draws from information including colleg…

Little Busybodies: The Life of Crickets, Ants, Bees, and Others

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Jeannette Augustus Marks and Julia Moody

These short stories about crickets, ants, bees, beetles and other little busybodies are intended by the two authors to show their children t…

The Boys' and Girls' Pliny Vol. 2

Read by Foon

Pliny the Elder and John S. White

The Natural History of Pliny the Elder is one of the largest single works to have survived from the Roman Empire. The full work consists of …

The ABC of Relativity

Read by Ciufi Galeazzi

Bertrand Russell

The ABC of Relativity clearly and engagingly explains Einstein's Theory of Relativity to the layperson. It is considered to be a significant…

The Boys' and Girls' Pliny Vol. 3

Read by Foon

Pliny the Elder

The Natural History of Pliny the Elder is one of the largest single works to have survived from the Roman Empire. The full work consists of …

Stories of the Cave People

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Mary Marcy

"In this little book I have sought, in a series of stories or sketches, to present only the first steps in human progress. Man has rise…

Marvels of Modern Science

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Paul Severing

The purpose of this little book is to give a general idea of a few of the great achievements of our time. For instance, the flying machine i…

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