Single Author Collections

The Triumph of the Egg: A Book of Impressions from American Life In Tales and P…

Read by Ben Adams

Sherwood Anderson

“The Triumph of the Egg” is a collection of stories and poems by Sherwood Anderson. Abandoning the interconnected quality of his more famous…

Europe and Elsewhere

Read by John Greenman

Mark Twain

This collection of articles came from Mark Twain's travels and experiences abroad. While many had been previously published, there also were…

Cuentos festivos para niños menores de 50 años

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Juan Pérez Zúñiga

Recopilación de historias breves muy divertidas, absurdas y disparatadas del gran Juan Pérez Zúñiga, uno de los …


Read by OCTL7

W. Somerset Maugham

This is a collection showing W. Somerset Maugham's early attempt in the short story genre, which he comes to master as one of 20th century's…

Ballads of a Bohemian

Read by Kristin Hughes (1974-2021)

Robert W. Service

Ballads of a Bohemian is a collection of poems tied together by the narration of the "author" Stephen Poore. The poems speak of bo…

Whilomville Stories

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Stephen Crane

This collection consists of thirteen stories. The stories are set in the mythical town of Whilomville used by Stephen Crane for many of his …

Romancero selecto del Cid

Read by KendalRigans


El Romancero selecto del Cid trata la historia de un noble caballero que enfrenta diversas batallas en nombre de su Señor Rey Alfonso…

The Strength of the Strong

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Jack London

Seven short stories, written around the middle of London's writing career. The stories take place in diverse settings and time periods, from…


Read by Betsie Bush

Carl Sandburg

Carl Sandburg's collection of 103 poems that earned a Pulitzer Prize Special Letters Award in 1919.

Uncle Josh's Punkin Centre Stories

Read by Philip Martin

Cal Stewart

A collection of comedic short stories from the perspective of an old country man. (Summary by Philip Martin)

Bell Upon Organ

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

George MacDonald

George MacDonald (10 December 1824 – 18 September 1905) was a Scottish author, poet, and Christian minister. He was a pioneering figure in t…

The Forest

Read by Sheldon Greaves

Ben Jonson

The Forest is a short collection of Ben Jonson's poetry. This collection of fifteen poems first appeared in the 1616 first folio of his coll…


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Aldous Huxley

Though he gained recognition for his later essays and novels, Aldous Huxley started his writing career as a poet. Published in 1920, Leda is…

The Man From Snowy River and Other Verses (version 2)

Read by Arrowhead Aussie

Andrew Barton Paterson

The Man from Snowy River and Other Verses (1895) is the first collection of poems by Australian poet Banjo Paterson. It was released in hard…


Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Emile Verhaeren

La poésie du poète flamand Émile Verhaeren (1855-1916) est inspirée par son observation critique de la vie des g…

Laura. Voyages et impressions

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

George Sand

Un jeune étudiant allemand en minéralogie, du nom d'Alexis, tombe amoureux de sa cousine Laura. Cette dernière lui pr&e…

Our Village, Volume 1

Read by annie70

Mary Russell Mitford

This book is a compilation of short stories originally published in several series in The Lady's Magazine. Volume 1 covers a period of about…

The Presence of Love

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Samuel Taylor Coleridge was an English poet, literary critic and philosopher who, with his friend William Wordsworth, was a founder of the R…

Odes and Sonnets

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Clark Ashton Smith

Clark Ashton Smith, nicknamed one of the "big three" of Weird Tales (the famous pulp fiction magazine), was also a romantic-style …

There's a certain slant of light

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Emily Dickinson

In tribute to the first real snowfall this year. - Summary by David Lawrence

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