Single Author Collections

The Thirteen Travelers

Read by David Wales

Hugh Walpole

The year is 1919 and peace has sprung upon the world after the unspeakable carnage of World War I. The place is Hortons, a building of expen…

Scottish Ghost Stories

Read by Sherry Morrow

Elliott O'Donnell

A public domain collection of Scottish Ghost tales by Elliott O'Donnell. 1911 - Summary by Sherry Morrow

The Spirit of Christmas (version 2)

Read by David Leeson

Henry van Dyke

A collection of short Christmas works by the author of The Story of the Fourth Wise Man (Summary by D. Leeson).

The War Poems of Siegfried Sassoon

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Siegfried Sassoon

Siegfried Sassoon was one of the first to write poetry about the brutal reality of war, based on his real-life experiences in the trenches. …

Early Short Stories

Read by Mark Chulsky

Ze'Ev Jabotinsky

Ранние рассказы Жаботинского (1898-1916) демонстрируют эволюцию от юношеского романтизма к зрелой прозе, позднее проявившейся в его романах.…

A Valentine

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Lewis Carroll

This poem is taken from Phantasmagoria and Other Poems by Lewis Carroll. (Summary by David Lawrence)

Стихотворения (Stihotvorenia)

Read by Euthymius

Mara Belcheva

Четири кратки творби от поетесата Мара Белчева (8 септември 1868, Севлиево – 16 март 1937, София), посветени на човешката близост и доверие.…

The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Charles Weathers Bump

A collection of offbeat stories. Some are a bit out of the ordinary as suggested by the title story about a freshwater mermaid; some are not…

Tradiciones peruanas

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Ricardo Palma

Relatos breves sobre distintos momentos y protagonistas de la Historia de Perú. Obra magna de Ricardo Palma, si bien no puede conside…

The Star-Treader and Other Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Clark Ashton Smith

Clark Ashton Smith, referred to as one of the big three of Weird Tales, was a romantic-style poet, a Lovecraftian-style writer and a literar…

Selected Works: Poems

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Voltairine De Cleyre

Voltairine de Cleyre (November 17, 1866 – June 20, 1912)was an American anarchist. She was skilled in many subjects and wrote essays, poems,…

Ellis Parker Butler Short Story Collection, Vol 1

Read by KirksVoice

Ellis Parker Butler

Ellis Parker Butler was an American author. He was the author of more than 30 books and more than 2,000 stories and essays. These are eight…

Papéis Avulsos

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Joaquim Maria Machado De Assis

Papéis avulsos é um livro de contos do escritor Machado de Assis, lançado em 1882. Foi o terceiro livro de contos publi…

The Hotel D'Angleterre And Other Stories

Read by David Wales

Mary Elizabeth Hawker

Five short stories by Lanoe Falconer which is the pseudonym of the English writer, Marie Elizabeth Hawker (1848 - 1908). Her works, though f…

Anting-Anting Stories And Other Strange Tales of the Filipinos

Read by mlcui

Sargent Kayme

"No less wonderful and varied are the inhabitants and the phenomena of the Philippines, and a new author, showing rare knowledge of the…

Sun and Saddle Leather

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Charles Badger Clark

Cowboy Poetry began as a 19th Century Performance Art staged around a crackling campfire, referencing tall tales and personal stories, lost …

Poems of Nature

Read by Larry Wilson

Henry David Thoreau

The fifty poems here brought together under the title ‘Poems of Nature’ are perhaps two-thirds of those which Thoreau preserved. Many of the…

The House of Dust: A Symphony

Read by Expatriate

Conrad Aiken

The House of Dust is a poem written in the four-movement format of a classical symphony. Hauntingly beautiful despite its bleak post-World …

The Red Inn

Read by pmstrahm

Honoré de Balzac

Staying at the red inn. Two army surgeons get caught up in a murder, intrigue and execution. - Summary by pmstrahm

To Sleep

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Sir Philip Sidney

LibriVox volunteers bring you 11 recordings of To Sleep by Sir Philip Sidney. This was the Weekly Poetry project for January 23, 2014. Sir…

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