War & Military

Postage stamps of war (1854-1914)

Read by KevinS

Douglas B. Armstrong

A very brief introduction to postal stamps used and issued during times of war. The principal focus might be said to be placed upon the Grea…

Tactical Studies on the Battles around Plevna

Read by Alister

Thilo Lebrecht Ernst Michael Von Trotha

Tactical Studies on the Battles around Plevna, or in German, Der Kampf um Plewna, examines with a critical eye the actions and engagements o…

Canada in War-Paint

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Ralph W. Bell

There is no attempt made in the little sketches which this book contains to deal historically with events of the war. It is but a small Souv…

Historical Romance of the American Negro

Read by Jim Locke

Charles H. Fowler

It was not long before the fame of the colored soldiers of America was wafted over the whole world and everywhere received by all lovers of …

The Greek War of Independence (1821-1827)

Read by Ariphron

Charles D. Chambers

Written in the style and language of Thucydides, and intended for students in the early stages of learning to read Ancient Greek, this brief…

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