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Knots Untied

Read by MaryAnn

J. C. Ryle

Being Plain Statements on Disputed Points in Religion, from the Standpoint of an Evangelical Churchman.The volume now in the reader's hands …

The Book of Divine Consolation of the Blessed Angela of Foligno

Read by Ann Boulais

Blessed Angela Of Foligno

The Blessed Angela of Foligno, T.O.S.F., (c. 1248 – 4 January 1309) was a Christian author, Franciscan tertiary and mystic. She was noted no…

Three Ecumenical Creeds

Read by Jonathan Lange

Unknowntranslated Byfriedrich Bente

"Ecumenical creeds" is an umbrella term used in the western church to refer to the Nicene Creed, the Apostles' Creed, and the Atha…

The Bible in Its Making

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Mildred Duff

One great universal law runs through the realm of nature. Our Saviour gave it in a sentence: 'First the blade, then the ear, after that the …

Bunyan Characters Volume I

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Alexander Whyte

This is the first volume of four which goes into the details of Characters from John Bunyan's books. This one is about characters of Pilgrim…

The Defense of the Augsburg Confession

Read by Jonathan Lange

Philipp Melanchthon

The Apology of the Augsburg Confession was written by Philip Melanchthon during and after the 1530 Diet of Augsburg as a response to the Pon…

Funeral Oration on Meletius

Read by A LibriVox Volunteer

St. Gregory of Nyssa

Saint Meletius was Patriarch of Antioch from 360 until his death in 381. One of his last acts was to preside over the First Council of Const…

The Love of Jesus to Penitents

Read by dave7

Henry Edward Manning

Henry Edward Manning (1808-1892) was an Oxford-educated Anglican clergyman who converted to Roman Catholicism after the Privy Council ordere…

Sacred Meditations

Read by Jonathan Lange

Johann Gerhard

Meditationes Sacrae, was first published in Latin in 1606 when Gerhard was only twenty-two years old. It consists of 51 brief meditations on…

The Spirit of Christmas

Read by Jan MacGillivray

Henry van Dyke

A short Christmas book by American author, educator, and clergyman Henry Van Dyke, including a short story, two essays, and two prayers for …

A Selection of Divine Poems

Read by Nathan

John Donne

John Donne was an English Jacobean preacher, sometime lawyer, later in life a Member of Parliament and Royal Chaplain. Marrying for love aga…

God's Way of Peace: A Book for the Anxious

Read by Loren Eaton

Horatius Bonar

Both a work of theology and psychology, Calvinist revivalist Horatius Bonar guides readers from the universal human need for repentance and …

The History of the English Bible

Read by MaryAnn

John Brown

The celebration of the Tercentenary of the Authorized Version of the English Bible of 1611 has called into existence the little book here p…

Sin and Its Consequences

Read by dave7

Henry Edward Manning

Henry Edward Manning (1808-1892) was an Anglican priest who, in 1851, converted to Roman Catholicism. In 1865, he was appointed archbishop o…

Didache: The Teaching of the Twelve Apostles

Read by ancientchristian

Unknowntranslated Bykirsopp Lake

This short treatise was accounted by some of the Fathers as next to Holy Scripture. It was rediscovered in 1873 by a Greek Orthodox metropol…

Scholia on the Incarnation of the Only-Begotten

Read by A LibriVox Volunteer

St. Cyril of Alexandria and Cyril Of Alexandria

Thirty-seven short articles discussing "What is Christ?" ( The Reader)

A Confession (Version 2)

Read by Paul Rizik

Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy's "A Confession," written in 1882 shortly after a life-altering spiritual crisis, is a brutally sincere reflection on …

Like Christ

Read by Christopher Smith

Andrew Murray

Andrew Murray wrote this volume as a sequel to his well-known devotional book "Abide in Christ". It is sub-titled "Thoughts …

Of Holy Virginity

Read by Geremia

Saint Augustine of Hippo

St. Augustine wrote in his Retractions 2:23: "After I had written 'on the Good of Marriage,' it was expected that I should write on Hol…

Mystical City of God, Volume 2

Read by Ann Boulais

Venerable María De Jesús De Ágreda

The Mystical City of God is a book written in the 17th-century by the Franciscan nun, Venerable Mary of Jesus of Ágreda. According…

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