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The Moneychangers

Read by Margaret Espaillat

Upton Sinclair

A story of white collar crime and intrigue told from the point of view of Montague, a member of the privileged class of New York. Montague w…

Wessex Tales

Read by Tadhg

Thomas Hardy

Wessex Tales is a collection of six short stories written by Hardy in the 1880’s. If you’ve never read Hardy they’ll serve as a good introdu…

Crucial Instances

Read by Elizabeth Klett

Edith Wharton

This is Edith Wharton's second published collection of short stories (1901). One of these seven stories, "Copy: A Dialogue," is w…


Read by Robin Cotter

Edith Wharton

The story is one of only two novels by Wharton to be set in New England. The novel details the sexual awakening of its protagonist, Charity …

Die Anarchisten

Read by Ragnar

John Henry Mackay

John Henry Mackays Buch „Die Anarchisten“ ist überwiegend biographisch gefärbt und basiert auf eigenen Erlebnissen. Anhand zweier …

The Passionate Friends

Read by Peter Eastman

H. G. Wells

H. G. Wells is best known for his science fiction, but some of his greatest works were in other genres. The Passionate Friends is a love sto…

El Señor de Bembibre

Read by Tux

Enrique Gil Y Carrasco

Don Álvaro, señor de Bembibre, se ve correspondido en su amor por doña Beatriz, hija de don Alonso señor de Arga…

Sonetos - Poemas Filosoficos

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Luís Vaz de Camões

Luís Vaz de Camões é frequentemente considerado como o maior poeta de língua portuguesa e dos maiores da Humanid…

The Vicar of Wakefield

Read by Martin Clifton

Oliver Goldsmith

Published in 1766, 'The Vicar of Wakefield' was Oliver Goldsmith's only novel. It was thought to have been sold to the publisher for £…

An Essay on Man

Read by Martin Geeson

Alexander Pope

Pope’s Essay on Man, a masterpiece of concise summary in itself, can fairly be summed up as an optimistic enquiry into mankind’s place in th…

Oliver Twist (version 2)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist; or, The Parish Boy's Progress is the second novel by English author Charles Dickens, published by Richard Bentley in 1838. The…

Resurrection, Book 1

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Leo Tolstoy

Resurrection is the last of Tolstoy's major fiction works published in his lifetime. Tolstoy intended the novel as an exposition of injustic…

News From Nowhere

Read by Elizabeth Klett

William Morris

News from Nowhere (1890) is a classic work combining utopian socialism and soft science fiction written by the artist, designer and socialis…

Mattinate Napoletane

Read by Davide Lequile

Salvatore Di Giacomo

Lasciati gli studi di medicina per dedicarsi al lavoro di redattore di giornale il giovane SDG seppe scrivere in quegli anni alcune tra le p…

The Man of Property (Forsyte Saga Vol. 1)

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

John Galsworthy

'The Forsyte Saga' is the story of a wealthy London family stretching from the eighteen-eighties until the nineteen-twenties. The Man of Pro…

Le Roman de la momie

Read by Nadine Eckert-Boulet

Théophile Gautier

Un riche lord anglais, Lord Evandale, découvre avec son ami scientifique Rumphius une tombe non profanée dans la Vallée…

Othello (Novelle)

Read by Hokuspokus

Wilhelm Hauff

Vor dem Hintergrund der Oper "Othello" entwickelt Hauff seine Geschichte über einen Mord, einen Geist und eine verbotene Lieb…

The American

Read by Nicholas Clifford (1930-2019)

Henry James

One of James’s early novels, The American plunges right in to one of the writer’s most enduring subjects, that of the innocent, or at least …

Die Wahlverwandtschaften

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Der Roman ist ein typischer Vertreter der Weimarer Klassik. Goethe greift ein gesellschaftliches Thema auf und verbindet es mit einem naturw…

Auswahl aus Die Serapionsbrüder

Read by Hokuspokus

E. T. A. Hoffmann

Die Serapionsbrüder nannte E.T.A. Hoffmann zusammenfassend eine Sammlung seiner zwischen 1819-1821 entstandenen Novellen. In einer fikt…

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