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Helen's Babies

Read by Kara Shallenberg

John Habberton

In this hilarious novel, Harry Burton, a bachelor white-goods salesman, goes to take care of his sister Helen's two little boys for ten days…

On the Irrawaddy, A Story of the First Burmese War

Read by Mike Harris

G. A. Henty

With the exception of the terrible retreat from Afghanistan, none of England's many little wars have been so fatal--in proportion to the num…

Four Girls at Chautauqua

Read by TriciaG


Authored by Isabella M. Alden under the pen name “Pansy.” First in the Chautauqua Girls series. Four friends - spoiled, quirky Ruth; fun-lo…

Just So Stories (version 4)

Read by Tim Bulkeley (1948-2019)

Rudyard Kipling

The Just So Stories for Little Children are among Kipling's best known and loved works. This recording aims to be the first complete audio b…

Mary Louise

Read by Sibella Denton

L. Frank Baum

The Bluebird Books is a series of novels popular with teenage girls in the 1910s and 1920s. The series was begun by L. Frank Baum using his …

The Bobbsey Twins in the Country

Read by Lee Ann Howlett

Laura Lee Hope

The second book in The Bobbsey Twins series finds the two sets of twins experiencing life in the country during the first part of their summ…

God's Country—And the Woman

Read by Esther

James Oliver Curwood

James Curwood wrote many adventures of the far north. By 1909 he had saved enough money to travel to the Canadian northwest, a trip that pro…

Tom Swift and His War Tank

Read by Mark F. Smith

Victor Appleton

Tom Swift, that prolific youthful inventor, is engaged in trying to help the Allies win WWI. After reading newspaper accounts of the British…

Max Quick 2: The Two Travelers

Read by Mark Jeffrey

Mark Jeffrey

Five quiet years have passed in Starland, California since the the time of the Pocket. But when a crazed old man shows up with a warning, Ma…

Boys' Book of Famous Soldiers

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

J. Walker McSpadden

These 12 stories give a personal portrait of twelve famous soldiers from the past two centuries. Each story explores the early life of the s…

True to the Old Flag

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

G. A. Henty

This book tells the story of the American war of Independence from the side of the British. The old flag mentioned in the title is the flag …

The Man that Corrupted Hadleyburg and Other Stories

Read by John Greenman

Mark Twain

"The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg" is a piece of short fiction by Mark Twain. It first appeared in Harper's Monthly in December 1…

Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout

Read by Tom Weiss

Victor Appleton

Tom Swift enters an upcoming race with his specially-designed prototype electric race car. But as he makes the final preparations and adjust…

Aunt Jane's Nieces

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

L. Frank Baum

Jane Merrick is a wealthy, elderly, difficult invalid woman who is preparing for her approaching death. In her youth, she inherited her mone…

The Young Railroaders

Read by Mark F. Smith

Francis Lovell Coombs

While aimed at youths, this series of tales of the just-opening West makes a rollicking good story for adults, too. Three teen-age boys, tra…

Fifty-One Tales

Read by Thomas A. Copeland

Lord Dunsany

Very brief, well-crafted stories, many having surprise endings, all steeped in the dye of myth and calling to every reader's neglected imagi…

Zwei Kindermärchen

Read by Elli

Heinrich Hoffmann

Struwwelpeter: In dem Buch erzählt Hoffmann Geschichten von Kindern, die nicht brav sind, nicht auf ihre Eltern hören und denen de…

More William

Read by Kara Shallenberg

Richmal Crompton

The second of Crompton's series of 39 books about William Brown, our cheeky 11 year-old protagonist. A hero to some, a dastardly villain to …

The Sword of Antietam

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Joseph A. Altsheler

"The Sword of Antietam" tells a complete story, but it is one in the chain of Civil War romances, begun in "The Guns of Bull …

Elsie's Girlhood

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

Martha Finley

In the third book of Martha Finley's much-loved Elsie Dinsmore series, Elsie's life is traced from the tender age of 12 or 13 to the mature …

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