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Human, All Too Human: A Book For Free Spirits, Part I

Read by Aaron Rivera

Friedrich Nietzsche

"Human, all-too-Human, is the monument of a crisis. It is entitled: 'A book for free spirits,' and almost every line in it represents a…

On the Future of our Educational Institutions

Read by Aaron Rivera

Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche gives a series of lectures in Bale, Germany on the subject of German educational institutions, and what the best way forward. Sum…

Chapter I

In The Octave of Claudius

Read by Aaron Rivera

Barry Pain

One night, Dr. Gabriel Lamb saves the life of Claudius Sandell. He takes him home and treats him excellently, nursing him back to health. Ho…

The Sixth Crusade

In The Story of Old France

Read by Aaron Rivera

H. A. Guerber

The aim of this volume is to give a complete graphic account of the main features of the history of France to 1715 A.D., with as much additi…

On Frying and Broiling

In Culture and Cooking; Or, Art in the Kitchen

Read by Aaron Rivera

Catherine Owen

This is not a cookery book. It makes no attempt to replace a good one; it is rather an effort to fill up the gap between you and your househ…