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Read by Andrew Miller


Awaiting his trial on charges of impiety and heresy, Socrates encounters Euthyphro, a self-proclaimed authority on matters of piety and the …

The Signal-Man

In Short Story Collection Vol. 003

Read by Andrew Miller

Charles Dickens

LibriVox’s Short Story Collection 003: a collection of 20 short fictional works in the public domain read by a variety of LibriVox members.

Version 2

In To His Coy Mistress

Read by Andrew Miller

Andrew Marvell

LibriVox volunteers bring you eleven different recordings of To His Coy Mistress, by Andrew Marvell, one of the greatest seduction speeches …

The Mill

In Short Poetry Collection 029

Read by Andrew Miller

Edwin Arlington Robinson

LibriVox’s Short Poetry Collection 029: a collection of 20 public-domain poems.

To a Poet, a Thousand Years Hence

In Short Poetry Collection 033

Read by Andrew Miller

James Elroy Flecker

LibriVox’s Short Poetry Collection 033: a collection of 20 public-domain poems.

Our Virtues

In Beyond Good and Evil

Read by Andrew Miller

Friedrich Nietzsche

First published in 1886 at Nietzsche’s own expense, the book was not initially considered important. In it, Nietzsche denounced what he cons…

Chapter 01

In Death Be Not Proud

Read by Andrew Miller

John Donne

This week we’re marking the American Memorial Day with eleven readings of a John Donne poem. Memorial Day was conceived as a time to remembe…

Bk 5: Section I, and Song I: Chance

In The Consolation of Philosophy

Read by Andrew Miller

Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius (transl. James) and Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius

Consolation of Philosophy (Latin: Consolatio Philosophiae) is a philosophical work by Boethius written in about the year 524 AD. It has been…

Version 1 - Read in French

In O Canada!

Read by Andrew Miller

Adolphe-Basile Routhier and Robert Stanley Weir

In celebration of Canada Day, 2006, LibriVox volunteers bring you ten different recordings of O Canada!. If you prefer English or French, s…

An afternoon on Syrian displacement, and protection in Europe (Part 2)

In Refugee Studies Centre

Read by Dawn Chatty, Cynthia Orchard and Andrew Miller


University of Oxford Podcasts

Romeo and Juliet

Read by Becky Miller

William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet is perhaps the most famous of Shakespeare’s plays and is thought to be the most famous love story in Western history. It co…

Selected Poems of Robert Frost

Read by Becky Miller

Robert Frost

Robert Frost, who lived from March 26, 1874 to January 29, 1963, was a winner of 4 Pulitzer prizes and one of America’s best loved poets. Th…

Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson

Read by Becky Miller

Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson has come to be regarded as one of the quintessential poets of 19th century America. A very private poet with a very quiet an…

The Pink Fairy Book

Read by Elliott Miller

Andrew Lang

All people in the world tell nursery tales to their children, and the stories are apt to be like each other everywhere. A child who has read…

The Pirates of Ersatz

Read by Elliott Miller

Murray Leinster

Bron is the offspring of infamous space pirates but instead of following in the family footsteps he decides to become an electronic engineer…

The Poisoned Pen

Read by Elliott Miller

Arthur B. Reeve

The many adventures of Professor Craig Kennedy were chronicled by Arthur B. Reeve (October 15, 1880 - August 9, 1936). Reeve was an American…

Daniel Deronda

Read by Becky Miller

George Eliot

In this enduring Victorian classic written in 1876, two stories weave in and out of each other: The first is about Gwendolen, one of Eliot's…

The Silent Bullet

Read by Elliott Miller

Arthur B. Reeve

The many adventures of Professor Craig Kennedy were chronicled by Arthur B. Reeve (October 15, 1880 - August 9, 1936). Reeve was an American…