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The Book of Enoch

Read by CJ Plogue

Unknowntranslated Byrobert Charles

The Book of Enoch, is an ancient, non-canonical Jewish work. Estimates vary on the actual dates of authorship. However, Enoch was alive duri…

The Forbidden Gospels and Epistles

Read by CJ Plogue

Varioustranslated Byarchbishop William Wake

This is a compilation of ancient books attributed to the writings of the apostles of Jesus Christ and their disciples. These books were onc…

The Book Of Jasher

Read by CJ Plogue

Anonymoustranslated Bymoses Samuel

Jasher (The Sefer haYashar (first edition 1552) The Hebrew title may be translated Sefer haYashar - "Book of the Upright" - but it…

1900 or The Last President

Read by CJ Plogue

Ingersoll Lockwood

The year is 1896. The United States is rocked by the election of an unlikely president. On election night, riots broke out in the streets …

A New Alice in the Old Wonderland

Read by CJ Plogue

Anna Matlack Richards

In this unofficial sequel to Alice in Wonderland, a different Alice, a young American girl named Alice Lee (a huge fan of the original book)…

The Heel of Achilles

Read by CJ Plogue

E. M. Delafield

After a difficult childhood, Lydia Raymond, a lower middle class girl, decides to explore her own individuality and climbs the social ladder…

The Story of Ahikar

Read by CJ Plogue


The Story of Ahikar is a fictional work. It is a colorful story but considered to be a work containing great wisdom. The story of Ahikar …

The Annals of Ann

Read by CJ Plogue

Kate Trimble Sharber

As the only “surviving” child of her parents, Ann is considered by close friends and family to be an overly indulged child. Some say she is …