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22 - Chapter XIII. The Siege of Paris, part 2

In France in the Nineteenth Century

Read by Cate Barratt

Elizabeth Wormeley Latimer

Author Elizabeth Latimer synthesizes notes from a variety of sources to produce this summary of the nation of France in the 19th century. (S…

19- Escape of Clotel

In Clotel, or, The President's Daughter

Read by Cate Barratt

William Wells Brown

Clotel; or, The President's Daughter is a novel by William Wells Brown (1814-84), a fugitive from slavery and abolitionist and was published…

13 - Chips from the Maelstrom

In Neighbors - Life Stories of the Other Half

Read by Cate Barratt

Jacob A. Riis

These stories have come to me from many sources—some from my own experience, others from settlement workers, still others from the records o…

The Fortune-Seekers

In The Great Gold Rush: A Tale of the Klondike

Read by Cate Barratt

William Henry Pope Jarvis

Canadian journalist William Jarvis' gently fictionalized work recounts many of the countless fascinating tales of the Klondike Gold Rush in …

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