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The Black Monk

Read by Daniel Davison

Anton Chekhov

Aspiring academic Andrei Kovrin, while summering in the countryside per the advice of a physician, is haunted by the apparition of a black m…

Demonology - Arabian

In Myths and Legends Around the World - Collection 02

Read by Daniel Davison

Stanley Lane-Poole

This collection is dedicated to recordings of short mythical or legendary works which are in the Public Domain. The stories tell of legends,…

The Inchcape Rock

In Short Poetry Collection 207

Read by Daniel Davison

Robert Southey

This is a collection of 70 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for August 2020.

A Prisoner in the Caucasus by Leo Tolstoy

In Short Story Collection Vol. 090

Read by Daniel Davison

Leo Tolstoy

Here we present the 90th Collection of Short Stories selected and read by Librivox volunteers. For your enjoyment, we bring gems by Hemingwa…

The Cormorants of Andvaer by Jonas Lie

In Short Story Collection Vol. 089

Read by Daniel Davison

Jonas Lauritz Idemil Lie

Our 89th Short Story Collection is of exceptionally high quality. In addition to perennial favorites, such as Kate Chopin and Mark Twain, ou…