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The Witwatersrand and the Revolt of the Uitlanders

In The National Geographic Magazine Vol. 07 - 11. November 1896

Read by Deborah Balm

George Ferdinand Becker and National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Magazine, an illustrated monthly, the November Number. It includes the following articles: * The Witwatersrand an…

Part 2 Chapter 13: 'Red Indian' Life

In Home Education Series Vol. I: Home Education

Read by Deborah Balm

Charlotte Mason

This is the first volume in the Home Education Series detailing Charlotte Mason's method of education. This volume is subtitled: The Educati…

Chapter 27: Contains Matter for Subsequent Explosion

In Diana of the Crossways

Read by Deborah Balm

George Meredith

Inspired by the real life story of Caroline Norton, a friend of the author's, this book tells about a lively woman who is trapped in a miser…

Rosamond at Home

In The Mysteries of London Vol. III

Read by Deborah Balm

George W. M. Reynolds

The Mysteries of London was a best-selling novel in mid-Victorian England, published in four volumes. This is the third volume. Initially se…

The Finsteraarhorn

In Mountain Adventures in the Various Countries of the World

Read by Deborah Balm

John Timbs

Mountains have always been fascinating as places of special adventure. This book. first published in 1869, collects true stories of real-lif…

Holland by Dwight Elmendorf

In The Mentor 2

Read by Deborah Balm

Dwight L. Elmendorf

The Mentor Association was established to increase interest and knowledge among the public in the areas of art, literature, science, nature,…

Section III - Grey Surfaces and Objects; Section IV - Dazzling Colourless Objec…

In Theory of Colours

Read by Deborah Balm

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Newton's observations on the optical spectrum were widely accepted but Goethe noticed the difference between the scientific explanation and …

Wanted: A Husband

Read by Deborah Knight

Samuel Hopkins Adams

This serious, yet witty and hilarious, romantic comedy by Samuel Hopkins Adams is a must read/listen! From the very beginning it intrigues y…

Signs of Change

Read by Deborah Brabyn

William Morris

In the 1880s William Morris, the artist and poet famously associated with the Arts and Crafts movement, left the Liberal Party and threw him…

The Liar

Read by Deborah Percy

Henry James

A successful painter reconnects with the woman he once loved during a visit to an English country house. His surprise is great when he learn…

Grandma Knight's Tales

Read by Deborah Knight


Grandma Knight's Tales* includes stories that provide entertainment and, hopefully, some moral learning to small listeners. A special dedica…