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The Science of Getting Rich

Read by Diana Majlinger

Wallace D. Wattles

Would you like to be rich? Yes? Well, who wouldn't.The Science of Getting Rich is a book written by the New Thought Movement writer Wallace …

The Science of Being Great

Read by Diana Majlinger

Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Being Great is the second book of Wattles' trilogy. In this volume he argues that the power of thought and positive self-este…

The Frozen Deep

Read by Diana Majlinger

Wilkie Collins

The Frozen Deep is a story of a love triangle between Clara, Frank and Richard, spiced up with dangerous expeditions, mysterious visions and…

The Italian Cook Book

Read by Diana Majlinger

Maria Gentile

One of the beneficial results of the Great War has been the teaching of thrift to the American housewife. For patriotic reasons and for reas…

Egri csillagok

Read by Diana Majlinger

Géza Gárdonyi

Az Egri csillagok mára már igazi klasszikussá vált Magyarországon. A történet a 16. szá…

A Sweet Little Maid

Read by Diana Majlinger

Amy Ella Blanchard

Dimple, the nine-year-old little girl is accustomed to being always the first. She has Bubbles, a little coloured girl as playmate and serva…

János vitéz

Read by Diana Majlinger

Sándor Petőfi

A János vitéz mára már klasszikussá vált Magyarország-szerte. Kukorica Jancsi tört&eac…

18 - Louis VIII (1223-1226)

In French History for English Children

Read by Diana Majlinger

Caroline Emelia Stephen

A history of France from Ancient Gaul up until 1880, written in short easy to comprehend chapters aimed at teaching English children. (Summa…

After Music - Read by DII

In After Music

Read by Diana Majlinger

Josephine Preston Peabody

LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 recordings of After Music by Josephine Preston Peabody. This was the Weekly Poetry project for April 10, 20…

A borozó

In Multilingual Poetry Collection 014

Read by Diana Majlinger

Petofi Sandor and Sándor Petőfi

In LibriVox’s Multilingual Poetry Collection, LibriVox volunteers select and read their favourite public-domain poems in languages other tha…

When First I Came Here – Read by DII

In When First I Came Here

Read by Diana Majlinger

Edward Thomas

LibriVox volunteers bring you 13 recordings of When First I Came Here by Edward Thomas. This was the weekly poetry project for July 19th, 20…

14- The Fourteenth Surprise- The Punishment of the Purple Dragon

In The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People

Read by Diana Majlinger

L. Frank Baum

The Magical Monarch of Mo is a set of stories about the titular king, his queen, and his royal children. The stories are uproariously funny,…

Summer Evening – Read by DII

In Summer Evening

Read by Diana Majlinger

John Clare

LibriVox volunteers bring you 14 recordings of Summer Evening by John Clare. This was the weekly poetry project for July 26th, 2009.

08 - Chapter VIII

In The Red Planet

Read by Diana Majlinger

William John Locke

Set during WWI in England, The Red Planet is a rich tale about the life in a little English town from the point of view of Major Duncan Mere…

Business – Read by DII

In Business

Read by Diana Majlinger

Ambrose Bierce

LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 recordings of Business by Ambrose Bierce. This was the weekly poetry project for August 2nd, 2009.

Szolo szolo, mosolygo alma, csengo barack

In Multilingual Fairy Tale Collection 002

Read by Diana Majlinger

Elek Benedek

In LibriVox’s Multilingual Fairy Tale Collection, LibriVox volunteers read their favourite public-domain fairy tales. This is a collection o…

Ch 21: The Duchess's New Swan

In The Prime Minister

Read by Diana Majlinger

Anthony Trollope

The Prime Minister is the fifth in Trollope's series of six Palliser novels. With Phineas' difficulties resolved, Trollope introduces new c…

The Australian Sunrise

In The Australian Sunrise

Read by Diana Majlinger

James Lister Cuthbertson

LibriVox volunteers bring you 16 recordings of The Australian Sunrise by James Lister Cuthbertson. This was the weekly poetry project for Au…