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Retief: Intergalactic Diplomat in Space, (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. V)

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Keith Laumer

'Retief of the Red-Tape Mountain'Retief knew the importance of sealedorders—and the need to keep them that way!'The Desert and the Stars'The…

Essays Before a Sonata

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Charles Ives

Some philosophical studies in relation to the ideas of Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne. Although the sonata is not explicitly referenced in this…

Scientists Do Science in Space (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. VII)

Read by Edmund Bloxam


'The Cyberene' by Rog PhillipsSomewhere in the far future a diabolical brain plotted the enslavement of mankind. But to do that a history ha…

The Pioneer

In Great Explorers in Space (Ed Reads Short Sci-fi, vol. I)

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Irving E. Cox, Jr.

‘The Pioneer’ by Irving E. Cox The greatest explorer of them all returns to Earth and finds the world upside down!‘Flight Perilous’ by Ray C…

01 - Part 1

In The Black-Bearded Barbarian

Read by Edmund Bloxam

Mary Esther Miller MacGregor and Mary Esther Miller Macgregor

A fictionalized biography of George Mackay (1844-1901), an influential Presbyterian missionary in northern Taiwan. (Summary by Edmund Bloxam…

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