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An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine

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John Henry Newman

After a long struggle against liberal tendencies in the Church of England and an unsuccessful attempt to establish the position of Anglicani…

St. Bonaventure's Life of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

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Saint Bonaventure

Seeing himself as "unequal to so great a task", St. Bonaventure nevertheless endeavored to introduce his readers to the practice o…

Historietas Nacionales

Read by Eduardo Mendez

Pedro Antonio De Alarcón Y Ariza

Cuentos españoles relacionados con la Guerra de Independencia. Introducción por Eduardo Mendez. "Historietas Nacionales&q…


In Summa Theologica - 04 Pars Prima, On Man

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Saint Thomas Aquinas

The Summa Theologica (or the Summa Theologiae or simply the Summa, written 1265–1274) is the most famous work of Thomas Aquinas (c. 1225–127…

06 - Linha reta e linha curva

In Contos Fluminenses e Histórias da Meia-Noite

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Machado de Assis and Joaquim Maria Machado De Assis

Contos Fluminenses, originalmente publicado em 1870, e Histórias da Meia-Noite, publicado em 1873, são os dois primeiros livro…

Essay on Jaques Bénigne Bossuet

In Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, volume 05

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Adolphe Cohn

The Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, is a work of enormous proportions. Setting out with the simple goal of offer…

A la deriva

In Cuentos de Amor de Locura y de Muerte

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Horacio Quiroga

Colección de cuentos de Horacio Quiroga.

To the Countess de Toulonjon

In Selected Letters of Saint Jane Frances de Chantal

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Saint Jane Frances De Chantal

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal (1572 – 1641) is a Roman Catholic Saint, who founded The Congregation of the Visitation after the death of her…

Peary in Greenland

In The Romance of Polar Exploration

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G. Firth Scott

While stories of the Polar explorers and their efforts to reach the Poles have been told again and again, the constant renewal of expedition…