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The Men Who Found America

Read by Elijah Fisher

Frederick Winthrop Hutchinson

This Book is about the Men Who Found America and how it started - Summary by Elijah

The Battle of the Books

Read by Elijah Fisher

Jonathan Swift

"The Battle of the Books" depicts a literal battle between books in the King's Library (housed in St James's Palace at the time of…

Isaac Bickerstaff, Physician and Astrologer

Read by Elijah Fisher

Richard Steele

Isaac Bickerstaff Esq. was a pseudonym used by Jonathan Swift as part of a hoax to predict the death of then famous Almanac-maker and astrol…

Days With Sir Roger de Coverley

Read by Elijah Fisher

Joseph Addison

The author Sir Richard Steele, who was one of the writers for The Spectator, gets the opportunity to spend a month in Sir Roger de Coverley'…

Napoleon, The Corsican Boy Who Ruled Europe

In Hero Tales from History

Read by Elijah Fisher

Smith Burnham

This volume celebrates stories of great heroes from the pages of history from Moses and David through Clara Barton and Henry Longfellow. It…

Chapter 1

In T. Tembarom

Read by Elijah Fisher

Frances Hodgson Burnett

The story of a Boy living in New York as a street waif, who sells newspapers eventually finds himself to be the heir of an ancient manor. Th…

Lough Ness

In A Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland

Read by Elijah Fisher

Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson’s wit and tongue-in-cheek expressions make this record of the economy, education and politicks [sic] of remote settlements an…