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The Facts of Reconstruction

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John R. Lynch

After the American Civil War, John R. Lynch, who had been a slave in Mississippi, began his political career in 1869 by first becoming Justi…

President Lincoln's Attitude Towards Slavery and Emancipation

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Henry Watson Wilbur

A review of events prior to, during and following the American Civil War bringing an insightful perspective on Lincoln's true attitude towar…

The Story of Manhattan

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Charles Hemstreet

The history of New York City is told as a story, in few words. It begins with Henry Hudson's discovery of Manhattan in 1609. And it finishe…

The Witches of New York

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Q. K. Philander Doesticks

A humorous account of visits to various fortune tellers, card readers, seers, and other "witches" of New York. Written by Q.K. Phi…

24- The Arrest

In Clotel, or, The President's Daughter

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William Wells Brown

Clotel; or, The President's Daughter is a novel by William Wells Brown (1814-84), a fugitive from slavery and abolitionist and was published…

Chapter 28 part 1 - Discussions in London concerning slavery and the Negro - Te…

In Autobiography Memories and Experiences, Volume 2

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Moncure Daniel Conway

Moncure Daniel Conway was an American abolitionist, Unitarian, clergyman and author. This second volume of his autobiography covers the year…