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牛郎織女傳 (Cowherd and Weaver Girl)

Read by Guomin Do

Mingshi Zhu 名世朱


Chapter 5

In The Human Chord

Read by Guomin Do

Algernon Blackwood

The following sets the tone for this work of weird fiction: "Numbers of strange people advertised in the newspapers, he knew, just as …

Part 1. Chapter 4: Concerning Wärli and Marie

In Ships That Pass in the Night

Read by Guomin Do

Beatrice Harraden

This short novel by Beatrice Harraden, who was known for her work as a suffragist, was a bestseller in its time. In it, teacher and activis…

Rosalie's Way

In Leave it to Doris

Read by Guomin Do

Ethel Hueston

The Reverend Mr. Artman is a widower of three years and is worried he might not be able to escape the clutches of Miss Carlton, his housekee…

China (Continued) Chinese Buddhism at the Present Day

In Hinduism and Buddhism, An Historical Sketch, Vol. 3

Read by Guomin Do

Charles Eliot

Started in 1907, An Historical Sketch was a work in 3 volumes. The author was a British diplomat posted to Asia and his great work was inter…

Chinese - 蜀道難 [Shǔ dào nán]

In Multilingual Short Works Collection 025 - Poetry & Prose

Read by Guomin Do

Bai Li 李白

This is our 25th collection of short pieces, poetry or prose, fiction and non-fiction, in several different languages (except standard Engli…

The Bee - Read by GX

In The Bee

Read by Guomin Do

H. P. Nichols

LibriVox volunteers bring you 28 recordings of The Bee by H. P. Nichols. This was the Weekly Poetry project for June 21, 2020. ----- Some pr…