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Handbook of Nature-Study, Part 1

Read by Jill Engle

Anna Botsford Comstock

Handbook of Nature-Study was written by Anna Botsford Comstock during an era of growing societal concern for man's treatment of the natural …

Whitefoot the Wood Mouse

Read by Jill Engle

Thornton W. Burgess

This is the story of Whitefoot the wood mouse, the most timid and shy creature in all the Green Forest. You see, Whitefoot has many enemies …

72 - Book VI, Chapter XXII

In Henrietta Temple

Read by Jill Engle

Benjamin Disraeli

The Armine family, in particular the young Ferdinand Armine, is in great financial difficulties. Ferdinand's grandfather has burdened the fa…

The Youth Of Lincoln by Elbridge S. Brooks

In Heroes Every Child Should Know

Read by Jill Engle

Elbridge Streeter Brooks and Hamilton Wright Mabie

The endeavour has been made in this volume to bring together the heroic men of different races, periods and types; and in the selection of m…

Dedication; To the Boys and Girls

In Thirty More Famous Stories Retold

Read by Jill Engle

James Baldwin

Thirty More Famous Stories Retold, the sequel to the popular Fifty Famous Stories Retold, retells the stories of legendary people and mythol…


In The Curious Book of Birds

Read by Jill Engle

Abbie Farwell Brown

Now the interesting facts about birds we have always with us. We can find them out for ourselves, which is a very pleasant thing to do, or w…

03 - A Visit to the Hacienda

In Our Little Spanish Cousin

Read by Jill Engle

Mary F. Nixon-Roulet

Another book written for American children in the early 1900's to help educate them about the customs and lives of their 'cousins' in many p…

The Dear Old Smiling Pool Once More

In The Adventures of Grandfather Frog

Read by Jill Engle

Thornton W. Burgess

Longlegs the Blue Heron felt decidedly out of sorts. It was a beautiful morning, too beautiful for any one to be feeling that way. Indeed, i…


In Young Folks' Treasury, Volume 2

Read by Jill Engle

Hamilton Wright Mabie

This is the second book in a twelve volume series, and highlights myths and legendary heroes from around the world, from Ancient Greece to S…

06 - The Wedding

In Mari, Our Little Norwegian Cousin

Read by Jill Engle

Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade

"Long before Columbus discovered America, there were brave men in the north of Europe who dared to sail farther out upon the unknown wa…

02. from Oyster Bay Dec 1900 - Youthful Bible Commentators, Fine Names For Guin…

In Letters to His Children

Read by Jill Engle

Theodore Roosevelt

The strong, vigorous, exalted character of a doting father who loved playing with his children and their pets, even while serving as the Pre…

A New Serial; Harper's Young People; A Liberal Offer for 1880 Only.

In Harper's Young People, Vol. 01, Issue 02, Nov. 11, 1879

Read by Jill Engle


Harper's Young People upon its first publication in 1879 was an illustrated weekly publication containing delightful serialized stories, sho…

Here And There

In Rhymes For The Young Folk

Read by Jill Engle

William Allingham

Popular for his simple, delicate poetry for children, this Irishman wrote these verses for his three children, Gerald, Eva and Henry, and ot…