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The True Israelite (John 1:47)

In Practical Sermons

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Archibald Alexander

The sermons contain what the author believes to be evangelical truth, in the exhibition of which, his aim has been to render the gospel pers…

Rackliff Fishes for Suckers

In Rival Pitchers of Oakdale

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Morgan Scott

Play Ball!!! It's the start of another baseball season at Oakdale Academy. But there is a rivalry brewing between the pitchers. One wants to…

Golden Days

In From Queen's Gardens

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Adelaide Anne Procter

This is the third part of a collection of poetry written by English female poets. This part of From Queen's Gardens is a collection of 29 po…

Alfred Austin

In Peeps at People - Being Certain Papers from the Writings of Anne Warrington Wit…

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John Kendrick Bangs

Written by a fictitious first-person narrator, this book puts a humorous spin on encounters with several famous people of the time. "I …

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