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Chapter 24

In Perils in the Transvaal and Zululand

Read by KevinS

Henry Cadwallader Adams

A young man travels to South Africa to find his Mother and sister. He wants to be a clergyman and a farmer when he arrives there. This story…

Uncle Wiggily and the Gryphon

In Uncle Wiggily in Wonderland (Version 2)

Read by KevinS

Howard R. Garis

Uncle Wiggily, the irrepressable flop eared rabbit, has more adventures and this time he goes underground through the strange world of Wonde…

It is better to be a Protestant than a Catholic; one is just as much a Christia…

In Short Answers to Common Objections Against Religion

Read by KevinS

Louis Gaston de Segur and Louis Gaston De Segur

A neat little book of answers to a number of objections and arguments frequently urged by the opponents of the Catholic Church. It first tre…

No Gifts

In Christmas Short Works Collection 2022

Read by KevinS

J. W. Wright

The 2022 Christmas collection brings some old favourites along with some new selections, from the traditional to the bizarre. Among the sele…

Appetizers & Salads

In Texas Pecan Recipes (Revised)

Read by KevinS

Texas Department of Agriculture and Texas Department Of Agriculture

This is a short book of recipes featuring pecans from Texas. The recipes cover Appetizers & Salads, Meat Dishes & Stuffing, Cakes &…

Chapter 13: Aristotle | Part 7: Critical estimate of Aristotle's philosophy

In A Critical History of Greek Philosophy

Read by KevinS

Walter Terence Stace

This book contains the substance, and for the most part the words, of a course of public lectures delivered during the first three months of…

The Hermit Thrush

In Birds, Vol. II, No 3, September 1897

Read by KevinS


Birds, Illustrated by Color Photography was a monthly publication of the Nature Study Publishing Company of Chicago. It includes short poems…

Duty - Read by KS

In Duty

Read by KevinS

Ellen Sturgis Hooper

LibriVox volunteers bring you 25 recordings of Duty by Ellen Sturgis Hooper.This was the Weekly Poetry project for October 4, 2020. ------ E…

Harbingers of Summer

In Woodland Paths

Read by KevinS

Winthrop Packard

American naturalist, Winthrop Packard, takes us on a wandering journey into the woods, alerting us to the many inhabitants and their habitat…

January 22, 1970

In State of the Union Addresses by United States Presidents (1970 - 1974)

Read by KevinS

Richard Milhouse Nixon

The State of the Union address is a speech or report presented by the President of the United States to a joint session of the United States…

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