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William Morris and His School

In Twelve Types

Read by KevinS

G. K. Chesterton

Short biographical essays of twelve persons central to European culture. - Summary by KevinS

The Lutheran Church in America

In Life of Luther

Read by KevinS

Gustav A. Just

This short biography of Martin Luther, by Gustav Just, who taught at Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran School, St. Louis, is a standard resourc…

Kotri, by the River - Read by KS

In Kotri, by the River

Read by KevinS

Laurence Hope

LibriVox volunteers bring you 16 recordings of Kotri, by the River by Laurence Hope. This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for August 9, …

Country-House Visits

In Manners and Rules of Good Society; Or, Solecisms to be Avoided by a Member of t…

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The title of this work sufficiently indicates the nature of its contents. The Usages of Good Society relate not only to good manners and to …

Uses of Great Men P.1

In Representative Men (Version 2)

Read by KevinS

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Seven Essays: his reasoning why and how great men have always been honored and necessary in our civilization, followed by six chapters deali…

June 1-December 30, 1786

In Journal of Francis Asbury, Volume I

Read by KevinS

Francis Asbury

As one of the first two bishops of the Methodist church in America and one of the most well-known circuit riders during the spread of Method…

I. The Problem Stated

In Your Pay Envelope

Read by KevinS

John Richard Meader

A Critique of Classical Socialism presented in a series of letters to a Mr. Smith. The author was the editor of the New York-based "Com…

The battle of Jutland (1916), by W. Macneille Dixon

In The World’s Story Volume XV: The World War

Read by KevinS

Horatio W. Dresser

This is the last volume of the 15-volume series The World’s Story, originally started by Eva March Tappan. This book, edited by Horatio W. D…

Murder at Sea

In Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 083

Read by KevinS

Archibald Hurd

“Oh, mother, I would like to know everything.” “You can never know everything, my child, but you can learn many things from books.” Accordin…

Summer Storm - Read by KS

In Summer Storm

Read by KevinS

Sara Teasdale

LibriVox volunteers bring you 26 recordings of Summer Storm by Sara Teasdale. This was the Weekly Poetry project for August 30, 2020. --…

Stanzas to a Lady, with the Poems of Camoens

In Hours of Idleness

Read by KevinS

George Gordon, Lord Byron

Hours of Idleness was Byron's first book of poems published when he was only 19. In it he experiments with various poetic styles and provid…

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