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A Book of Discovery

Read by Kristine Bekere

M. B. Synge

Telling the history of geographical discoveries, "Book of Discovery" is a record of splendid endurance, of hardships bravely borne…

The Tale of Three Lions

Read by Kristine Bekere

H. Rider Haggard

Taking place in the heart of Africa, “The Tale of Three Lions” is one more thrilling adventure from the eventful life of old hunter Quaterma…

Heroes of the Middle Ages

Read by Kristine Bekere

Eva March Tappan

"The object of this book is to bring together stories of the most important movements in the history of Europe during the Middle Ages, …

A Short History of the World

Read by Kristine Bekere

H. G. Wells

A Short History of the World is a non-fictional historic work by English author H. G. Wells, largely inspired by Wells's earlier 1919 work T…


Read by Kristine Bekere

Andrejs Pumpurs

Lāčplēsis is an epic poem by Andrejs Pumpurs, a Latvian poet, who wrote it between 1872-1887 based on local legends. Lāčplēsis is regarded a…

North-Pole Voyages

Read by Kristine Bekere

Zachariah Atwell Mudge

For more than three hundred years an intense desire has been felt by explorers to discover and reveal to the world the secrets of the immed…

The Cuscuses, The Wombat, The Bandicoot

In The Living Animals of the World, Volume 1: Mammals

Read by Kristine Bekere


The Living Animals of the Natural World, subtitled "a popular Natural History", proposed to present the most updated version of th…

Chapter 2 part 2

In Shores of the Polar Sea: A Narrative of the Arctic Expedition of 1875-6

Read by Kristine Bekere

Edward Lawton Moss

"THE ARCTIC EXPEDITION of 1875 left England on 29th May, crossed the Atlantic to Davis Straits in a succession of storms, and entered t…


In The Memorable Thoughts of Socrates

Read by Kristine Bekere


Xenophon's best memorial of his old guide, philosopher, and friend is this work, in which Xenophon brought together in simple and direct for…

To Aden

In A Voyage in the 'Sunbeam', Our Home on the Ocean for Eleven Months

Read by Kristine Bekere

Anna (Annie) Allnutt Brassey, Anna and Anna Brassey

Mrs. Brassey, (in future, Lady Brassey) describes the events and sights of her family's voyage around in the world in 1876-1877 ( Dovie Cros…