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The Golden Bough. A Study in Magic and Religion. Part 2. Taboo and the Perils o…

Read by Leon Harvey

James Frazer

The third volume of The Golden Bough. The term Taboo is one of the very few words which the English language has borrowed from the speech of…

Is War Diminishing?

Read by Leon Harvey

Frederick Adams Woods

A study In the prevalence of war in Europe from 1400 to the present day. This small book summarises historical periods of peace compared to …

Civilization and Climate

Read by Leon Harvey

Ellsworth Huntington

This book presents the science of geography one step further than just the physical features of the earth's surface. The relationship betwee…

The Boise Survey

Read by Leon Harvey

Jesse Brundage Sears

A complete survey of the Independent Boise School District, Boise, Idaho was conducted over two weeks, with the purpose to study and observe…

Editor's Introduction and Preface

In The Intelligence of School Children

Read by Leon Harvey

Lewis Terman

This book has been written for the rank and file of teachers, school supervisors, and normal-school students. Its purpose is to illustrate t…

Preface and Introduction

In Army Mental Tests

Read by Leon Harvey

Clarence Stone Yoakum and Robert Mearns Yerkes

Prepared in cooperation with the staff of the surgeon general's office as a source of information and printed materials concerning psycholog…

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