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The Ordeal of Mark Twain

Read by Lucretia B.

Van Wyck Brooks

This book, published in 1920, analyzes the literary progression of Samuel Clemens and his shortcomings (which are debatable). Brooks attribu…

Part 2, Chapter 17, The Rights of Children, Part 1

In Social Statics

Read by Lucretia B.

Herbert Spencer

Social Statics, or The Conditions essential to Happiness specified, and the First of them Developed is an 1851 book by the British polymath …

18 - Second Book. The World As Will. First Aspect.28 & 29

In The World as Will and Idea Volume 1

Read by Lucretia B.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Schopenhauer used the word "will" as a human's most familiar designation for the concept that can also be signified by other words…

Chapter 30 part 1 - Settlement at South Place chapel - London City in 1864 - Ex…

In Autobiography Memories and Experiences, Volume 2

Read by Lucretia B.

Moncure Daniel Conway

Moncure Daniel Conway was an American abolitionist, Unitarian, clergyman and author. This second volume of his autobiography covers the year…

Part 1 Introduction – Chapter 5a Bathymetric Distribution

In Organic Evolution

Read by Lucretia B.

Richard Swann Lull

Organic Evolution is a college textbook that describes the mechanism of biological evolution by natural selection. It then explores the evid…

02 - Ch 01: In the Valley, part 2

In The Scouts of Stonewall

Read by Lucretia B.

Joseph A. Altsheler

In this third book of Joseph Altsheler's Civil War series, Harry Kenton, a lieutenant in the Southern Army, is on scout patrol in the Shenan…

17 - The Spaniel - Part 1

In Anecdotes of Dogs

Read by Lucretia B.

Edward Jesse

"Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends." The character, sensibilities, and intellectual fac…

09 Chapter VII

In Herndon's Lincoln

Read by Lucretia B.

William H. Herndon and Jesse William Weik and William H. Herndon

A biography of Abraham Lincoln by his long-time law partner, William Herndon and Herndon's collaborator, Jesse Weik. The book is notable for…