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3 - Armel and Julyan

In The Gold Sickle

Read by Mike Pelton

Eugene Sue and Eugène Sue

The Gold Sickle; or, Hena the Virgin of the Isle of Sen. A Tale of Druid Gaul is the first part of Eugène Sue's The Mysteries of the …

Chapter VII - The Strange Fate of the 'Northern Queen'

In The Cruise of the Esmeralda

Read by Mike Pelton

Harry Collingwood

After his father died, Captain Saint Leger and his family are left destitute. However, the Saint Legers have a family secret: an ancestor is…

The Nameless Man

In The American Rivals of Sherlock Holmes

Read by Mike Pelton

Rodrigues Ottolengui

To follow up on the heels of volumes 1 and 2 of "The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes" released on LibriVox, here is a collection of stor…

The Silent Bride.

In A Fair Mystery

Read by Mike Pelton

Bertha M. Clay, Charlotte M. Brame and Charlotte M Brame

(Written by Charlotte M. Brame under the pen name Bertha M. Clay.) Honest Mark Brace is about to lose his farm, land of his ancestors, home…

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