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04 Canto 2, Part 2, Stanzs 16-25

In Lara, A Tale

Read by Nathan

Lord Byron and George Gordon, Lord Byron

This powerful poem narrates the fateful return of Count Lara to the British Isles after spending years abroad traveling the orient.Returning…

Bon Voyage

In The Town Down the River: A Book of Poems

Read by Nathan

Edwin Arlington Robinson

This is a volume of poetry by Edwin Arlington Robinson, dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt. This volume also contains his lesser known shorter …


In Fly Leaves

Read by Nathan

Charles Stuart Calverley

This is a volume of poetry by the English poet Charles Stuart Calverley. Calverley was considered quite a wit during his life time, and this…

Chapter 1

In Humility: The Beauty of Holiness

Read by Nathan

Andrew Murray

A book on the all importance of humility, how Jesus was humble, and how we also can become humble. Murray wrote "Without humility, ther…

bk6_08 - The Legende of Calidore - Canto 08

In The Faerie Queene Books 6 & 7

Read by Nathan

Edmund Spenser

'The Sixth Book of the Faerie Queene contayning the Legende of S, Calidore or of Cvrtesie.' Apart from Books 1-6, the only surviving section…

01 - The Sending

In Balder Dead

Read by Nathan

Matthew Arnold

"Balder Dead" is a beautiful epic poem by Matthew Arnold. It draws from Norse mythology to retell the story of the the death of Od…

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