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Homeward Bound, part 7

In Poems and Ballads

Read by Nemo

Heinrich Heine

This is a volume of poetry by Heinrich Heine, translated by Emma Lazarus. The poetry of Heinrich Heine is still widely read today within Ger…

The Little People of the Streams

In Flower-Patch Among the Hills

Read by Nemo

Flora Klickmann

After poor health forced Klickmann to move from London to the country, she began writing a series of sketches for The Girl's Own Paper and i…

In a Cab

In Challenge

Read by Nemo

Louis Untermeyer

Louis Untermeyer introduced may students to poetry through his many collections that he edited. His own poetry ranges from inspirational to…

Brother Beasts

In Short Poetry Collection 180

Read by Nemo

Cale Young Rice

This is a collection of 50 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers for May 2018.

Wild Flowers

In The Snowflake and Other Poems

Read by Nemo

Arthur Weir

This is a volume of Canadian poet Arthur Weir. Many of the poems are set around the turn of a year, referencing the season in different ways…

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