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Woodman, Spare that Tree! - Read by NR

In Woodman, Spare that Tree!

Read by Nemo

George Pope Morris

George Pope Morris was an American editor, poet, and songwriter. In addition to his publishing and editorial work, Morris was popular as a p…

The Two Gifts by Lillian M. Gask

In The Junior Classics Volume 6: Old-Fashioned Tales

Read by Nemo

Variousandwilliam Patten

This collection of The Junior Classics is compiled from many wonderful authors including Alcott, Dickens, Hawthorne, and Carroll. The storie…

Length of Days: To the Early Dead in Battle

In A Father of Women and Other Poems

Read by Nemo

Alice Meynell

Alice Meynell was an English essayist, critic, and poet who was also a leading suffragist, serving as vice-president of the Women Writers' S…

The Higher Brotherhood

In Shapes and Shadows

Read by Nemo

Madison Cawein

This is a volume of poetry by Madison Julius Cawein. This collection contains many examples of Cawein's own particular style of dreamy poetr…

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