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Just Me

Read by Pamela Krantz

Pearl White

Perhaps the first memoir written by a film celebrity, Pearl White's Just Me gives a first-person account of the actress' rise to stardom. Wh…

19 - The Poodle

In Anecdotes of Dogs

Read by Pamela Krantz

Edward Jesse

"Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends." The character, sensibilities, and intellectual fac…

Chapter 17: Ned Wayburn's Toe Dancing

In The Art of Stage Dancing

Read by Pamela Krantz

Ned Wayburn

Ned Wayburn, a popular and outstanding choreographer of the early 1900's, writes about the different styles and requirements of dancing and …


In Geography and Plays

Read by Pamela Krantz

Gertrude Stein

Geography and Plays is a 1922 collection of Gertrude Stein's "word portraits," or stream-of-consciousness writings. These stream-o…


In The Uncommercial Traveller

Read by Pamela Krantz

Charles Dickens

The Uncommercial Traveller is a collection of literary sketches and reminiscences written by Charles Dickens. In 1859 Dickens founded a new …

03 - First Book. The World As Idea. First Aspect.1 - 4

In The World as Will and Idea Volume 1

Read by Pamela Krantz

Arthur Schopenhauer

Schopenhauer used the word "will" as a human's most familiar designation for the concept that can also be signified by other words…