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Just Me

Read by Pamela Krantz

Pearl White

Perhaps the first memoir written by a film celebrity, Pearl White's Just Me gives a first-person account of the actress' rise to stardom. Wh…


In Meteorology; or Weather Explained

Read by Pamela Krantz

J. G. M'Pherson

Weather Explained: Fog, clouds, rain, haze, thunder, cyclones, dew point and how to count dust motes are just a few of the 35 topics covered…

Chapter 08, The Shaft

In The Stones of Venice, Volume 1

Read by Pamela Krantz

John Ruskin

The Stones of Venice is a three-volume treatise on Venetian art and architecture by English art historian John Ruskin, first published from …


In Aunt Jane's Nieces at Work

Read by Pamela Krantz

L. Frank Baum

The novel carries forward the continuing story of the three cousins Louise Merrick, Beth De Graf, and Patsy Doyle, and their circle. The tit…

On Books of Travel/Review of Memoirs and Essays by Mrs. Jameson

In Woman in the Nineteenth Century

Read by Pamela Krantz

Margaret Fuller

Margaret Fuller was an American feminist, writer, and intellectual associated with the Transcendentalist movement. Her book Woman in the Nin…