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Letters 16-20 - Barrington

In The Natural History of Selborne

Read by Peter Yearsley

Gilbert White

The Reverend Gilbert White was the curate of the village of Selborne, a village in Hampshire, from 1784 to his death in 1793, living most of…

Chapter 23 - Great Britain: History to the Time of the Commonwealth, Part 2

In The History of Prostitution

Read by Peter Yearsley

William Sanger

Common sense asks for a full investigation of all the evils attending prostitution. In the every-day affairs of life, any man who feels the …

The Nymphs - Read by PY

In The Nymphs

Read by Peter Yearsley

Ivan Turgenev

LibriVox volunteers bring you 7 recordings of The Nymphs by Ivan Turgenev.This was the Fortnightly Poetry project for November 15, 2020. …

Section 1

In Phallic Worship

Read by Peter Yearsley

Hargrave Jennings

A fairly scholarly, short survey of religious sexual symbols and practices from ancient times to the near-present, and within various countr…

Ophelia - Read by PY

In Ophelia

Read by Peter Yearsley

Walter de la Mare and Walter De La Mare

Ophelia, poem of the week for February 25, 2007; read here by twelve of our readers. This was published in 1920 in "Collected Poems 19…

Uncle Abraham’s Romance

In Ghost Story Collection 001

Read by Peter Yearsley

E. Nesbit

A collection of ten pieces, read by various readers, about the unreal edges of this world in legend and story; tales of love, death and beyo…

Miss T.

In Short Poetry Collection 005

Read by Peter Yearsley

Walter de la Mere and Walter De la Mare

LibriVox’s Short Poetry Collection 005: a collection of 20 public-domain poems.

Preface; Chapter One - A General View

In The Ghosts of Piccadilly

Read by Peter Yearsley

George Slythe Street and G. S. Street

Nothing spooky or supernatural, but a very personal gathering of gossip, letters, and fragments of biography of famous people who have lived…

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