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The History of the Fabian Society

Read by Robert Morel

Edward R. Pease

"The History of the Fabian Society" describes the growth of Socialist theory in England, and the influence of Socialism on the pol…

Life and Times of Joseph Warren

Read by Robert Morel

Richard Frothingham, Jr.

Joseph Warren was one of the popular leaders of Boston during the early stage of the American Revolution. He grasped its basis idea of civil…

America's Retreat from Victory; The Story of George Catlett Marshall

Read by Robert Morel

Joseph McCarthy and Joseph Mccarthy

Senator Joseph McCarthy examines the life of General George Catlett Marshall, particularly his role in government beginning in 1945 as Unite…

The Capture of Fort William and Mary

Read by Robert Morel

Charles Lathrop Parsons

The Capture of Fort William and Mary took place in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on December 14, 1774, when local Patriots led by John Langdon …

The Spread and Decline of Yellow Journalism

In The American Newspaper

Read by Robert Morel

Will Irwin

The American Newspaper is a critical study of journalism conducted by Will Irwin from 1909 to 1910 spanning fifteen articles that discuss th…