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12 Chapter 9

In Cleek of Scotland Yard

Read by Ruth Golding

Thomas W. Hanshew

Hamilton Cleek is back - or is he?Margot, Queen of the Apaches (the notorious French criminal gang) has been released on bail and vanished, …

The Ninety-ninth Rejection Slip

In LibriVox 9th Anniversary Collection

Read by Ruth Golding

Lucille Baldwin Van Slyke

This year is the 9th anniversary of our illustrious community, and readers have found and recorded 99 items with a connection with the numbe…

The Way through the Woods,

In Short Poetry Collection 076

Read by Ruth Golding

William Blake and Rudyard Kipling

This is an open collection of poems for the month of February 2009.

A Great Conflict

In On the Shores of the Great Sea

Read by Ruth Golding

M.B. Synge and M. B. Synge

Book I of the "Story of the World" series. Focuses on the civilizations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea from the time of Abraham…

Bk 07 Ch 03-04

In Les Misérables, Volume 3

Read by Ruth Golding

Victor Hugo, transl. Hapgood and Victor Hugo

This is book 3 of 5.An ex-convict breaks parole and starts a new life as a righteous man, but is pursued by a police inspector. Along the wa…

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