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Part I, Chapter Seven

In Madame Bovary

Read by Ruth Golding

Gustave Flaubert, tr. Eleanor Marx-Aveling and Gustave Flaubert

Published in book form in April 1857, the novel focuses on a doctor's wife, Emma Bovary, who has adulterous affairs and lives beyond her mea…

Mind and Brain

In Psychotherapy

Read by Ruth Golding

Hugo Münsterberg

Talking about viewing the Ocean "If I take the attitude of appreciation, it would be absurd to say that this wave is composed of chemic…

0 - Introduction

In The Diary of a Dead Officer

Read by Ruth Golding

Arthur Graeme West

Published posthumously in 1919, this collection of diary entries presents a scathing picture of army life and is said to be one of the most …

1 - Chirp the First, part 1

In The Cricket on the Hearth (Version 2)

Read by Ruth Golding

Charles Dickens

The tale of John Peerybingle, the good-hearted carrier, and his young wife Mary ('Dot'), interwoven with the story of poor toymaker Caleb Pl…

Story of the Three Bears, The

In Favorite Fairy Tales

Read by Ruth Golding


This book of favorite fairy tales was compiled and illustrated by Peter Newell. it includes Jack The Giant Killer; Cinderella; Sleeping Beau…

06 Pt. II, Ch. III Study in Inflection

In The Speaking Voice

Read by Ruth Golding

Katherine Jewell Everts

From the Preface of The Speaking Voice: principles of training simplified and condensed: "This book offers a method of voice training w…

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