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Saint Athanasius: The Father of Orthodoxy

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Frances Alice Forbes

A short and rather old fashioned biography a great saint. Don't expect subtlety; it's unapologetic hagiography. The saint is presented as a …

The Greatest Thing in the World and Other Addresses

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Henry Drummond

The spiritual classic The Greatest Thing In the World is a trenchant and tender analysis of Christian love as set forth in the thirteenth ch…

19 - The Cat on the Dovrefell

In Popular Tales from the Norse

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George Dasent and Sir George Webbe Dasent

The most careless reader can hardly fail to see that many of the Tales in this volume have the same groundwork as those with which he has be…

The Rationale of Ratiocination

In The Technique of the Mystery Story

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Carolyn Wells

For one, I have never been one of those who apologize for my frank and never-ending delight in mystery stories. Their mazes have led me unwe…

Chapter 12 Addresses on Holiness: Third Address

In Godliness

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Catherine Booth

Catherine Booth and William Booth were a ministry team founding the Salvation Army, which has spread from its humble beginnings in England t…

Chapter 26

In The Story of John Wesley Told to Boys and Girls

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Marianne Kirlew

Marianne Kirlew tells the story of John Wesley, English revivalist and founder of Methodism, in short chapters in simple language and an eng…