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Bk 10: Ch 01-03

In The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling

Read by Anna Simon

Henry Fielding

Tom Jones is considered one of the first prose works describable as a novel. The novel is divided into 18 smaller books. Tom Jones is a foun…

The Cobbler's Children

In Anyhow Stories: Moral and otherwise

Read by Anna Simon

Lucy Lane Clifford and Lucy Clifford

A collection of stories and poems for children by British novelist, journalist, and playwright Lucy Lane Clifford, better known during her l…

Part II: The Transformation of Money into Capital--Chapter V: Contradictions …

In Capital: a critical analysis of capitalist production, Vol 1

Read by Anna Simon

Karl Marx, transl. Moore and Aveling and Karl Marx

Capital, Volume I is the first of three volumes in Karl Marx’s monumental work, Das Kapital, and the only volume to be published during his …

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