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Bernard Treves's Boots; A Novel Of The Secret Service

Read by David Wales

Laurence Clarke

What has Manton gotten himself into? His impersonation has broader implications -- and more dangerous ones -- than he had imagined. (Summary…

Religio Journalistici

Read by David Wales

Christopher Morley

The great Canadian journalist and humorist ruminates and reflects upon his life and calling in this 1924 little gem. - Summary by david wale…

Strange Stories Of The Civil War

Read by David Wales


Here are twelve narratives of some events in the American Civil War, most told by a participant or contemporary observer. - Summary by David…

The British Army From Within

Read by David Wales

E. Charles Vivian

This 1914 book gives a picture of the British Army structure and life in the early hours of World War I. Summary by david wales

Over The Rocky Mountains To Alaska

Read by David Wales

Charles Warren Stoddard

This 1899 travelogue is by one of the era’s most popular travel writers. A peek in how travel used to be. - Summary by David Wales

Lin McLean

Read by David Wales

Owen Wister

Lin McLean is an unaffected, attractive young cowboy in the Wyoming territory before statehood. This book is various stories in his life. (S…

The Indians Of Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Read by David Wales

Margaret Herschel and Jack R. Williams

A short review of the history and presence of Native Americans in the area of the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, USA. - Summary by david wa…

The Martyrdom Of Belgium; Official Report Of Massacres Of Peaceable Citizens, W…

Read by David Wales

George Cooreman

The title says it all. World War I narratives of German activities in Belgium after the German invasion of this neutral country. - Summary b…

A Versailles Christmas-Tide

Read by David Wales

Mary Stuart Boyd

The Boy has fallen ill with scarlet fever while at school in France. His parents rush to his side. A touching memoir. - Summary by david w…

Barry Blake Of The Flying Fortress

Read by David Wales

Gaylord Dubois

Gaylord DuBois wrote juvenile literature for decades. This is a boys' adventure story about serving in the American World War II flying cor…

Canyon de Chelly; The Story of its Ruins and People

Read by David Wales

Zorro A. Bradley

A 1973 U.S. government publication describing the history and physical characteristics of this Arizona national monument within the boundari…

Hugh Walpole: Selected Short Stories

Read by David Wales

Hugh Walpole

Eleven short stories from The Windsor Magazine in the 1920s, Best British Short Stories of 1922, and Best British Short Stories of 1923. - S…

Remarkable Rogues: The Careers of Some Notable Criminals of Europe and America

Read by David Wales

Charles Kingston

The title and subtitle pretty much say it all. Twenty biographical sketches of people you would not want your son or daughter to marry. (Sum…

William -- The Fourth

Read by David Wales

Richmal Crompton

The world’s most confident, most chaos-creating eleven year old boy is at it again in these fourteen glorious and funny 1924 short stories. …

William The Conqueror

Read by David Wales

Richmal Crompton

William is at it again. The world’s most chaos-creating and confident eleven year old boy. Thirteen more humorous stories in this 1926 col…

The Crimson Gardenia And Other Tales Of Adventure

Read by David Wales

Rex Beach

Published in 1916, this book collects eleven stories originally published in several different magazines. Beach’s adventure stories were im…

The Garden Of Folly

Read by David Wales

Stephen Leacock

A 1924 collection of essays by the celebrated Canadian humorist, popular in the first half of the twentieth century throughout the English s…

The Wheel of Time

Read by David Wales

Henry James

Fanny Knocker is a very, very plain young woman. She is introduced to the extremely handsome, thoroughly impoverished, younger son of an old…

Members of the Family

Read by David Wales

Owen Wister

Members of the Family is a collection of eight short stories about people in the Wyoming Territory in the late 19th and early 20th centuries…

The Best American Humorous Short Stories

Read by David Wales

Variousandalexander Jessup

Eighteen short stories by famous and little known authors compassing the period 1839 - 1914. The editor's very extensive introduction is omi…

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