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St Andrews Ghost Stories

Read by David Wales

William Thomas Linskill

Seventeen ghost stories (fourth edition published 1921) centered around the ruined medieval cathedral of Saint Andrew in the Scots city of t…

A Picture Book Of Merry Tales

Read by David Wales


Forty European folk tales. Caveats: 1. Some of these stories are not suitable for young children. 2. In two stories (10 and 25) appear the n…

Over The Plum Pudding

Read by David Wales

John Kendrick Bangs

Great Caesar’s ghost and shades of A Christmas Carol! Stories – some ghostly, some Christmas, some humorous, some all three -- twelve of the…

The Mirror Of Kong Ho

Read by David Wales

Ernest Bramah

This 1905 tongue-in-cheek book is ostensibly the letters of a dutiful son to his Chinese father describing his encounter with and experience…

A Study Of Army Camp Life During American Revolution

Read by David Wales

Mary Hazel Snuff

Housing, Food, Clothing, Health, Sanitation, Recreation, Religion, Duties, Discipline. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the req…

A Soldier's Diary

Read by David Wales

Ralph Scott

This 1923 memoir of a World War I soldier (Royal Engineer and hand-to-hand combatant) is a well written much respected first-hand account of…

Life In California, Excerpted From 'Roughing It' By Mark Twain

Read by David Wales

Mark Twain

This recording is chapters 56 through 61 plus 78 of the 1879 edition of 'Roughing It' by Mark Twain (1835-1910). The chapters contain in Tw…

Tales Of King Arthur And The Round Table

Read by David Wales

Andrew Lang

The tales of King Arthur and his Knights are of Celtic origin. The Celts were the people who occupied Britain at the time when the history o…

Owen Wingrave

Read by David Wales

Henry James

A young man of good family with a long distinguished military tradition indicates that he will not follow his ancestors' path into the army.…

Padre Ignacio, Or The Song Of Temptation

Read by David Wales

Owen Wister

Padre Ignacio has been the pastor of California mission Santa Ysabel del Mar for twenty years. In 1855 a stranger rides into the mission bri…

The Prodigal Village; A Christmas Tale

Read by David Wales

Irving Bacheller

Small town life in early twentieth century New York state. This is a piquant parable of human nature. Bacheller's lightly humorous voice is …

The White Cowl

Read by David Wales

James Lane Allen

A Trappist monastery in nineteenth century Kentucky. A young monk. A young woman in distress. Whither? One might want to compare this story …

A Journey in Search of Christmas

Read by David Wales

Owen Wister

Cowboy Lin McLean rides into frontier Cheyenne, Wyoming, at Christmastime and learns a powerful meaning of Christmas. Author Owen Wister is …

Elsie And The Child; A Tale Of Riceyman Steps And Other Stories

Read by David Wales

Arnold Bennett

Thirteen short stories (1924) by a master story teller of the early twentieth century. His writings, fiction and nonfiction, were popular wi…

Ronald And I; Or Studies From Life

Read by David Wales

Alfred Pretor

This is a collection of essays (1899) on English village life in the late nineteenth century. The essay “My Rector” was the focus of some co…

Just William

Read by David Wales

Richmal Crompton

William is a mischievous eleven year old who is puzzled by the adult world, which is no less puzzled by him. The humor is gentle and pleasin…

The Great K. & A. Train-Robbery

Read by David Wales

Paul Leicester Ford

In this short novel the narrator is a superintendent on the K. & A. railroad, sometime in the late nineteenth century. The train is robb…

Three Days On The Ohio River

Read by David Wales

William A Alcott and William A. Alcott

This 1854 narration of a trip upon the Ohio River in a steamboat from Cincinnati to Pittsburg gives a picture of travel in a different time…

Young Readers Science Fiction Stories

Read by David Wales

Richard Mace Elam

This 1957 book contains thirteen pre-space-exploration stories for young readers. Some of the details show their dated composition (we now…


Read by David Wales

Henry James

It is Paris sometime after the Franco-Prussian War (1870--Germany won--the French Second Republic collapsed--France embittered). A French po…

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