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16 - Some Cautions, and Concluding Observations

In The Science of Getting Rich

Read by Diana Majlinger

Wallace D. Wattles

Would you like to be rich? Yes? Well, who wouldn't.The Science of Getting Rich is a book written by the New Thought Movement writer Wallace …

To Dick, On His Sixth Birthday

In LibriVox 6th Anniversary Collection

Read by Diana Majlinger

Sara Teasdale

What do you do for a sixth anniversary? We challenged our readers to find any short works which had 'six' in the title - in any language. Th…

Book 8, Chapter 9 Part 1: Spheres of Action - Witchcraft

In History of the Inquisition of Spain, Vol. 4

Read by Diana Majlinger

Henry Charles Lea

The fourth and final volume of Lea's monumental work on the Spanish Inquisition. This volume discusses how the Inquisition dealt with mystic…

Where Go the Boats - Read by DII

In Where Go the Boats

Read by Diana Majlinger

Robert Louis Stevenson

Where Go the Boats is a short poem by Robert Louis Stevenson. He was a Scottish author famous for writing Treasure Island. He also wrote man…

Version 2

In A Song of a Young Lady to Her Ancient Lover

Read by Diana Majlinger

John Wilmot

LibriVox volunteers bring you 8 recordings of A Song of a Young Lady to Her Ancient Lover by John Wilmot. This was the Weekly Poetry project…

Retort - Read by DII

In Retort

Read by Diana Majlinger

Paul Laurence Dunbar

LibriVox volunteers bring you 14 recordings of Retort by Paul Laurence Dunbar. This was the weekly poetry project for August 23rd, 2009.

All Things Can Tempt Me - Read by DII

In All Things Can Tempt Me

Read by Diana Majlinger

W. B. Yeats and William Butler Yeats

LibriVox volunteers bring you 14 recordings of All Things Can Tempt Me by W. B. Yeats, from The Green Helmet and Other Poems (1912). This wa…


In Aunt Jane's Nieces at Work

Read by Diana Majlinger

L. Frank Baum

The novel carries forward the continuing story of the three cousins Louise Merrick, Beth De Graf, and Patsy Doyle, and their circle. The tit…

Megállt az óra

In Multilingual Poetry Collection 017

Read by Diana Majlinger

Dezso Kosztolanyi and Dezső Kosztolányi

In LibriVox’s Multilingual Poetry Collection, LibriVox volunteers read their favourite public-domain poems in languages other than English. …

Hannibal Crosses the Alps, pt.1

In Hannibal

Read by Diana Majlinger

Jacob Abbott

There are certain names which are familiar, as names, to all mankind; and every person who seeks for any degree of mental cultivation, feels…

A Summer Night in the Beehive - read by DII

In A Summer Night in the Beehive

Read by Diana Majlinger

Charles Tennyson Turner

LibriVox volunteers bring you ten recordings of "A Summer Night in the Beehive." The Weekly Poem for August 24, 2014 brings us the…

The Cap and Bells

In The Wind Among the Reeds

Read by Diana Majlinger

William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet and one of the foremost figures of 20th century literature. He studied poetry in his youth and from a…

The Railway Train - Read by DII

In The Railway Train

Read by Diana Majlinger

Emily Dickinson

LibriVox volunteers bring you 16 recordings of The Railway Train by Emily Dickinson. This was the Weekly Poetry project for May 28, 2011.Alt…

Version 1

In Lydia is gone this many a year

Read by Diana Majlinger

Lizette Woodworth Reese

LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 recordings of 'Lydia is gone this many a year' by Lizette Woodworth Reese. This was the Fortnightly Poetry …

01 - Chapter 1

In The Frozen Deep

Read by Diana Majlinger

Wilkie Collins

The Frozen Deep is a story of a love triangle between Clara, Frank and Richard, spiced up with dangerous expeditions, mysterious visions and…

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