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Old Pop Lloyd

In Down In Water Street

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Samuel Hopkins Hadley

Written by the Superintendent of the Jerry McAuley Water Street Mission, "Down in Water Street" is intended to share some of the e…

Indian Buddhism as Seen by the Chinese Pilgrims

In Hinduism and Buddhism: An Historical Sketch, Vol. 2

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Charles Eliot

Started in 1907, An Historical Sketch was a work in 3 volumes. The author was a British diplomat posted to Asia and his great work was inter…

Lecture III - On the Threshold of Religion: Magic

In The Religious Experience of the Roman People

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W. Warde Fowler

A series of lectures delivered by Professor Fowler at Edinburgh University for a public audience, concerning the development and decay of t…

The Problem

In Leave it to Doris

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Ethel Hueston

The Reverend Mr. Artman is a widower of three years and is worried he might not be able to escape the clutches of Miss Carlton, his housekee…

Part I

In The Dominion in 1983

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Ralph Centennius

First published as a booklet in 1883, "The Dominion in 1983" describes the author's ideas of what life in Canada is like one hundr…

Dedication to the Daughters of the American Revolution

In Freedom, Truth and Beauty

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Edward Doyle

A collection of sonnets that celebrates patriotism and nationalism loosely arranged in a chronological order based on world conflicts. While…

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