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Chapter XIII

In In the Line of Battle

Read by Lee Smalley

Walter Wood

“A COLLECTION OF absolutely authentic accounts by privates and non-commissioned officers.... We see a great simplicity and directness of obs…

06 – Captain F. Arrives with Nine Passengers

In The Underground Railroad, Part 3

Read by Lee Smalley

William Still

"Never before has the working of the Underground Railroad been so thoroughly explained. Here we have in complete detail the various met…

Ch 05: Hunted, part 1

In The Rock of Chickamauga

Read by Lee Smalley

Joseph A. Altsheler

"The Rock of Chickamauga," presenting a critical phase of the great struggle in the west, is the sixth volume in the series, deali…


In A Lear of the Steppes, etc.

Read by Lee Smalley

Ivan Turgenev

This book contains three novellas by one of the major writers of Russian literature. The first, A LEAR OF THE STEPPES, is a brilliant re-ima…

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