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The Ash-Tree

In Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

Read by Peter Yearsley

M. R. James

Montague Rhodes James (1862-1936) was a medieval scholar; Provost of King’s College, Cambridge. He wrote many of his ghost stories to be rea…

Embankment at Night, before the War: Outcasts - Read by PY

In Embankment at Night, before the War: Outcasts

Read by Peter Yearsley

D. H. Lawrence

This was the Weekly Poem for 20 May 2006. We stretched our poetry-reading muscles with five versions of this much longer selection than usua…

The Repairer of Reputations - Part One

In The King in Yellow (part 1)

Read by Peter Yearsley

Robert W. Chambers

Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933) studied art in Paris in the late 80's and early 90's, where his work was displayed at the Salon. However, sho…

Version 7

In The Road

Read by Peter Yearsley

sassoon_s and Siegfried Sassoon

LibriVox volunteers bring you eight different readings of Siegfried Sassoon's The Road, a weekly poetry project. (Summary by Annie Coleman)

Song of Wandering Aengus - read by PY

In The Song of Wandering Aengus

Read by Peter Yearsley

William Butler Yeats

LibriVox volunteers bring you eighteen different readings of The Song of Wandering Aengus, by Irish poet William Butler Yeats, to celebrate …

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