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The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, Book VI

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Diogenes Laertius

There are 10 divisions in this title. This project is a recording of book 6. There is a number of interesting anecdotes on the lives of Anti…

The Martyrs of Science, or, the Lives of Galileo, Tycho Brahe, and Kepler

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David Brewster

“The martyrs of Science” gives a brief biography of Galileo, Brahe and Kepler. These three men played a pivotal role in the scientific revol…

My Reminiscences

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Rabindranath Tagore

These Reminiscences were written and published by the Author in his fiftieth year, shortly before he started on a trip to Europe and America…

55 - Book 4, Chapters 29 - 30

In Amadis of Gaul

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Vasco de Lobeira and Vasco De Lobeira

Amadis of Gaul (Amadís de Gaula, in Spanish) was not the first, but certainly one of the best known knight-errantry tales of the 16th…

The Lone Wolf's Daughter - VI - The Mummer

In Red Masquerade

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Louis Joseph Vance

In the beginning of his career, Michael Lanyard alias The Lone Wolf, the most talented thief of his day, made the acquaintance of the beauti…

Chapter 2

In The Riddle of the Universe

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Ernst Haeckel

The Riddle of the Universe is the philosophical work of Ernst Haeckel, eminent biologist, in which he explores the meaning of life, the natu…

Chapter 36 - Gambling, Speculation, and Promoters' Profits

In The Principles of Economics with Applications to Practical Problems

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Frank Albert Fetter

Frank Albert Fetter was an American economist of the Austrian school, but referred to himself as a member of the “American Psychological Sch…

12 - Volume 1, Chapter 12: I have no Wrong, where I can claim no Right

In Vixen

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Mary Elizabeth Braddon

This is an exquisite and heartbreaking love story. Violet Tempest and Roderick Vawdrey, otherwise known to each other as Vixen and Rorie, ar…

71 - Book VI, Chapter XXI

In Henrietta Temple

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Benjamin Disraeli

The Armine family, in particular the young Ferdinand Armine, is in great financial difficulties. Ferdinand's grandfather has burdened the fa…

Chapter CXII - The Departure

In The Count of Monte Cristo (version 2)

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Alexandre Dumas

The story takes place in France, Italy, islands in the Mediterranean and the Levant during the historical events of 1815–1838 (from just bef…

Chapter I e: The Psychological Peculiarities of Dreams

In The Interpretation of Dreams

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Sigmund Freud

A neat book on dream analysis by the founding father of psychoanalysis. This book is about the inner theater and the workings of the mind in…

Symbolism in the Dream

In A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis

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Sigmund Freud

These twenty-eight lectures to laymen are elementary and almost conversational. Freud sets forth with a frankness almost startling the diffi…

21 - Inspirational Speaking and Test-Messages

In Your Psychic Powers and How to Develop Them

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Hereward Carrington

Instructions in how to develop your psychic powers including telepathy, clairvoyance, self-projection, reincarnation, and other topics. Seri…