William Clark Russell

Sea Stories

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Most of us have passed through a period of life during which we have ardently longed to be, if not actually a rover, a buccaneer, or a pirat…

The Death Ship

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William Clark Russell is well-known for his maritime stories, for which he could draw upon his own experiences as a sailor in the British Na…

The Mystery of the 'Ocean Star' - A Collection of Maritime Sketches

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This is a collection of short stories of mystery and romance, set at sea, in the times of the great sea voyages.

The Frozen Pirate

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Sailing adventure with storms, icebergs, shipwrecks, treasure, and the reawakening of a pirate frozen in suspended animation for nearly fift…

International Short Stories Volume 2: English Stories

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The second volume of a 3 volume anthology, this work focuses on 'English' short stories, although it includes writers from other parts of th…

The Last Entry

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This is a sea-faring novel set in 1837. A wealthy former seaman from London and his daughter, who is engaged to be married, set sail on his …


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We meet Miss Lucretia Lane as she is dressing for her marriage to Captain Francis Reynolds of the British Merchant Service. Though he loves …

My First Book

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This is not a children's book, as may be supposed from the title, but a collection of essays first published in The Idler magazine, in which…

A Marriage at Sea

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Herbert Barclay is desperately in love with Grace Bellassys, but a number of factors stand in the way of their happiness, the biggest of whi…

Stories in Black and White

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This is a collection of short mystery stories, written in very different styles by eight different authors. - Summary by Carolin

The Wreck of the Corsaire

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This book was published in 1897. When cabin passenger Mr. Catesby climbs into the rigging of the Ruby in search of cooler air, he is struck …

The Phantom Death and Other Stories

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This is a book of remarkable nautical ghost and horror stories written by William Clark Russell in 1893. The stories are for the most part s…

The Frozen Pirate (version 2)

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Drawing on his own experience as a merchant seaman, Russell gives us the fictionalized narrative of one Paul Rodney who found an icebound v…

Tales of Terror

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A thrilling collection of spooky and sinister stories of murder, mayhem and mystery awaits within! This anthology collects classics of horr…

My Danish Sweetheart Volume 1

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Young Hugh Tregarthen has grown up in a seafaring Cornish family, but is not born to follow the family tradition. Against his mother's wishe…

The Yarn of Old Harbour Town

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This novel opens in 1805, during the Napoleonic Wars between England and France. A retired sailor, Captain Acton, reminisces about his time …

My Danish Sweetheart Volume 2

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Volume 2 begins as our hero winds up his story. But the question remains, what happened to the other boat? Hugh and Helga have been picked u…